‘Entrepreneurship Journey – The Path Less Travelled’

Fadzuli has always believed in creating his own opportunities in life. Even while pursuing his diploma in Multimedia & Information Communication Technology, he supported himself by delivering newspapers every morning for almost 3 years. This is almost unheard of among Singapore youth.

He thoroughly enjoyed his polytechnic education – it married his interest in IT & the Hands-On approach. He graduated in the top 5%, and was offered a prestigious opportunity to study Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. However, while many undergraduates were focused on their studies, Fadzuli began dabbling in business. He had seen how lucrative newspaper distribution has been for his former boss, and wanted to learn more about business.

He started with Multi Level Marketing. It exposed reading many books on business and marketing, and brought him into the exciting seminar circuit – these shifted his paradigm. In his 3rd undergraduate year in 2007, he dropped out – his mind was already made up to be in business.

2007 was an exciting year for Fadzuli. He began looking for business opportunities – and his interest in Islam began expressing himself in his business pursuits. First, he began selling clay-based purification soap that Muslims use, called Sabun Sertu. The idea came to him when he attended a campus talk on Muslim Cleanliness. The speaker mentioned that this soap could not be found in Singapore. Fadzuli got excited at this opportunity, did his research and even went up to Malaysia to talk to the manufacturer.

He sold this product through e-mail marketing to draw customers down to his retail distributors. Monthly sales grew from S$20 to S$800 within 4 months.

Second, he partnered up with two of his campus buddies to set up a portal called www.IslamicEvents.sg to serve Singapore’s Muslim community. This website was to be the one-stop reference site for all Islamic events happening in Singapore. It took 1.5 years of planning & developing before it launched in

November 2007. The start was rough – it was not easy serving a market which was not exposed to the Internet back then and a lot of education had to be done. Today however, www.IslamicEvents.sg is one of the most active websites in Singapore, attracting over 30,000 to 40,000 visitors a month. Revenue streams are from advertising, eCommerce & website development projects.

His exposure to business in 2007 also grew when he met mentors like Abang Abu, a well-known, selfmade local entrepreneur and the Malaysian Internet Millionaire, Dr Irfan Khairi. They needed Fadzuli to train these participants to set up their own online business. He began training people on Basic Web Development and Internet Marketing. It has now developed into a training business running workshops, courses and seminars under the banner of Fadzuli.com.

Through his work, the media took notice of 29 year-old Fadzuli. Berita Harian, a major local newspaper that serves the Malay-Muslim market, recently identified him as one ‘50 Malay Muslims to look out for in 2011’. He was referred to as a Technopreneur who is active in New Media – and one of few successful young entrepreneurs in the local Muslim community.

Current Companies Owned

IslamicSG Networks LLP ( Web Development & Online Marketing for the Muslim Market)
Registered as a business since Jan 2008
Website: www.islamicsg.net

FADZULI.COM ( Internet Marketing / Business Training  )
Registered as a business since March 2010
Visit his blog – www.fadzuli.com

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Training Modules in 2012

Basic Internet Workshop >> Click Here for details 

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“Fadzuli is a shining inspiration for the Malay community in Singapore, having founded IslamicSG Networks and spearheading various online entrepreneurial initiatives in Singapore. His “just do it” attitude is refreshing and I highly recommend Fadzuli to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the Islamic markets.” November 11, 2008

Nicholas Chan , Executive Director , Azione Capital Pte Ltd
was with another company when working with Fadzuli at IslamicSG Networks LLP


Reported by BH Singapore to create an impact in 2011. Click the banner above to read further.

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