New Year New Targets



Its my rare posts in this blog again. New Year New Targets.. Well before we set for new targets what have I achieved last year. When my biz partner and I  reviewed our goal settings last year, we realised we only managed to hit 7 / 18 of our targets. Its not so bad actually and knowing that each goal … Read More

The Tawakkal of a BOSS


Tawakkal means “Trust in Allah swt” I realise there are many levels of tawakkal for a person and it actually boils down to his/her relationship with Allah swt.  To be a BOSS, the degree of tawakkal or trust in Allah is much higher than most people out there. The BOSS will never know the future although he has to plan … Read More

Getting Optimal Traffic for Your Web

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Allow me to set some definitions in case you get lost in this article. Optimal Traffic. Also commonly referred to as “Qualified Traffic“.  In simple layman terms is getting the BEST Type of Visitors to visit your website. TRAFFIC ~ Flow of visitors to your website For example.  If you are in the Weight Loss Business – The type of … Read More

Social Media Engagement: Sharing Your Journey

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I’ve been observing this pattern and trend lately on Facebook and Twitter that “Sharing Your Journey” attracts and helps to grow Facebook/Twitter Profiles and Facebook Pages very consistently. Furthermore by doing so you are also entertaining your  audiences and building trust at the same time. Here’s a simple exercise that you can start with. 1) Be clear of your Goals.  … Read More

Brand Mastery Expo

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While I was busy promoting other stuffs, one of the programs that I’ve been promoting has extremely good sign ups. The last I checked for this event, they had 300 plus left, but now only 85 seats remaining.   Time don’t wait for nobody and Opportunities comes to the person who first cease it.   What am I talking about … Read More

We think We already Know But We Don’t Know

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This article is a rehashed from the archives. There are many reasons why we go to seminars again and again. To learn something new.. Yesterday is really yesterday and even if you’ve been to many seminars and events we tend to pick up this disease where we tend to plant this in our minds.. “I’ve seen him/her talk, it will … Read More

Invited to JUS

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Alhamdulillah. Last Wednesday I received a called from Netty from EagleVision, Mediacorp. They asked me if I could come on board on this program to give a 10 min insight of the usage of Social Media. Most probably with the usage of Facebook, Blogs and Twitters. Cool right? I think this would be my first time being featured on Television … Read More