Early Bird Ends Today


ARE YOU STILL JUST THINKING ABOUT ATTENDING THE UNTUNG INTERNET SEMINAR? TIME TO MAKE A DECISION FAST!! The EARLY BIRD PRICE of $60 and $70 for two will end tonight. From Tomorrow ( 21 Feb 2010 ) Onwards, it will $90 per person. So Hurry Grab Your Tickets NOW and be ready for a Ball of Experience Go Here NOW! >>>>>>> … Read More

The New Logo

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  Here’s a brief of what it means for Hafihz when he designed this: The letters of your name are inside. The logo looks like a man (you) working on a computer, with his objective above him aimed towards the sky. (similar to your mission statement) The logo also is in the shape of an arrow pointing to the sky, … Read More

Follow ups

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What do you know about Business Marketing? What is the meaning of marketing? What is Internet Marketing? Many of us go into the world of business without understanding the true concept of marketing. So let’s learn more from Bro Hafihz this Thursday @ 7.45pm @ NOWASIA Training Room – 25 Peck Seah Street #07-08. Exclusively only for Jutawan Internet participants … Read More

Glam Shots

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I needed nice photos of myself to put my face out in the papers and for future use. So I engaged my secondary school buddy to take these fantastic shots for me. Fadzuli without specs.. Holding the chin look…macam siapa eh…macam pernah nampak gitu!! Half body look without specs Sitting Down Position Superimposed Library at the back..Ok the back actually … Read More

Should you buy a domain with your name?

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This idea struck me today cos recently I helped to set up a blog for a friend. Her name is so common yet nobody had purchase that domain ever since the Internet started. As a businessman, I keep telling people my name, pass my name cards around and do so many things lah with my name. Before you sell your … Read More