The New Logo

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  Here’s a brief of what it means for Hafihz when he designed this: The letters of your name are inside. The logo looks like a man (you) working on a computer, with his objective above him aimed towards the sky. (similar to your mission statement) The logo also is in the shape of an arrow pointing to the sky, … Read More

New Theme

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Took the whole of last night till 4am to tweak this new theme. The whole theme was bought from Woo Themes called – Open Air. I have been contemplating to change the theme since don’t know when. So decided to make the fix change and walah here it is. Its a very simple theme yet robust in nature though it … Read More

New Name Card Designs


The good thing about knowing how to do our own designs is that we can always customise our own namecard every time we want to send out for print. Heh. So yup this is the latest design [poll id=”11″]

Glam Shots

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I needed nice photos of myself to put my face out in the papers and for future use. So I engaged my secondary school buddy to take these fantastic shots for me. Fadzuli without specs.. Holding the chin look…macam siapa eh…macam pernah nampak gitu!! Half body look without specs Sitting Down Position Superimposed Library at the back..Ok the back actually … Read More