The Tawakkal of a BOSS


Tawakkal means “Trust in Allah swt” I realise there are many levels of tawakkal for a person and it actually boils down to his/her relationship with Allah swt.  To be a BOSS, the degree of tawakkal or trust in Allah is much higher than most people out there. The BOSS will never know the future although he has to plan … Read More

Press Release @ Berita Harian Today.

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Alhamdulillah. A short press release is written about the “Basic Internet Business Workshop” today. Have to thanks Kak Fadilah, Editor Ekoniaga Section from Berita Harian for pushing it out. –   Bengkel percuma perihal asas niaga melalui Internet SATU bengkel mengenai asas perniagaan melalui Internet akan dianjurkan secara percuma bagi mereka yang berminat mengendalikan perniagaan secara dalam talian. Bengkel dalam … Read More

Sabun Sertu Distributor

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Just to update, for those who wish to order Sabun Taharah ( ) from the West Side of Singapore, you can call Cik Mas @ 973 458 66. Barangan buatan Malaysia, Sabun Taharah  mengandungi 95% tanah liat, yang telah disahkan sebagai memadai dan sesuai untuk pembersihan dan  membersih kotoran mughallazah. Barangan ini disokong  dan disahkan oleh Jawatankuasa Majlis Fatwa  di Malaysia dan Persatuan Pengguna … Read More

7296 – Is this the Long Term Business Formula?


The fastest way to learn is not just to understand but also live it & to experience it. So the above the no 7296 has very deep meanings. This topic may not be suited for you as you may not understand what I am going to talk about in the coming paragrahps because it requires you to reach a certain … Read More

Learn to be an Entrepreneur from Games


Do you play games at all? If you do understand how life works, it is infact like a game. However in this game that we are in we cannot reverse it. If you play it well, you can live a great life, if you play it badly, you know what I mean. So SIMs 3 is quite a popular game … Read More

Keep on Learning & Taking Massive Action ( Part 1 )

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Learning never ends.. Learning does not stop till the day we take our last breath.. Learning comes from everywhere and anywhere.. Learning requires a teacher else it can take you to the wrong places. Learning is a continuous process and it doesn’t stop from the day you leave school. That comes to my thoughts when I think about Learning. For … Read More

Are you penning your story down?


Peace be upon you, Fadzuli here and I hope everyone is doing fine. I believe many of you are still in the daze after the many seminars that has gone by and we do hope that you have started something out. For those that have attended WOW, have you started the dream board yet? Have you started writing your life … Read More