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Mungkin ramai anda sudah kenali mentor niaga kami, si Abang Abu ni. Nak tahu latest project dia tak? Mungkin anda dah tengok pun kat facebook. Untuk yang tak tahu inilah… Siapalah si Abang Abu ni? Dia lah yang telah memanaskan pasaran Singapura dengan cabaran “Simpan Challenge” pada tahun 2009. Hampir 1000 orang yang mengambil kesempatan untuk pelajari nak Simpan wang. … Read More

Simpan Challenge


Have you joined? What if $5 can get you to save $100 to $1000. A small investment to learn to save $1000 right? So what are you waiting for? Take part in this challenge => Visit

How do we solve the money issues?


Well this post is about Borrowing Money. Did you know borrowing money is the easy part but paying it off usually becomes an issue. So why then take the trouble to borrow. Recently I have had a dinner with Abang Abu and yeah you know times are kind of bad and he has been forking out almost 10K for expenses … Read More