I want my daughter back!

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These was the words uttered by a distraught man I met yesterday in the streets. He said, “I want my daughter back!” It was really a strange encounter but within that many short minutes, many things could be learn. This man by the name of “Peer Mohamed” was walking around Tampines yesterday. I was on the way to the MRT … Read More

Giving Back & Laws of the Universe

FadzuliGiving Back

A question asked by one of the contacts in Facebook and so I thought I shared it here. Why do Japan gets so much help when the Tsunami strucked them and now the Radiation problems when other countries like Cambodia, Indonesia are not getting as much support? The answer is very simple. It is based on Laws of the Universe. … Read More

Giving Back

FadzuliGiving Back

Recently I had a student ( Rosna ) who volunteers @ Muhammadiyah Children Home.  She is currently helping them to raise funds for the HOME to move to a new buidling to cater to more Homeless children or those that are in troubled. Currently the HOME can only cater up to 60 children at one time and with the new … Read More