Abang Abu: Advise from Dr Mahathir


Dari Acronym WIN 1) Work Hard 2) Increase Knowledge 3) Never Give Up Thank you Helmi Hakim for recording this. There is also an upcoming event by KESUMA ( Malay Entrepreneur Association ).

Interview with Haslinda Ali


Here’s an interview with Sister Haslinda Ali about Entrepreneurship, Passion, tips-tips about business. Sister Haslinda is Sujimy’s wife lah ( If you don’t know ). Among the many business they have, Haslinda runs a SPA – Traditional Wellness Spa which is located at Holiday Inn Hotel, Orchard Road. Watch this 16 mins video raw and uncut. ­čÖé

Asia Business Investor Podcast


Last Wednesday I had an a Interview with Nicholas Cameron from Asia Business Investor. Nicholas Cameron is also a serial entrepreneur and he runs this site where he makes the time to interview Entrepreneurs all around Asia & the countries down under. Eventually he publishes this audio interview onto podcast distribution sites where there are over 20,000 of his regular … Read More

Lessons to learn from ScreenBox


I had the opportunity to meet Sujimy to develop his blog. So last Friday, we had a meeting to teach him to update the blog- Sujimy.com. How often does one goes to other people’s office right. So the moment I stepped into that office.. You will definitely notice a kind of water fountain there and huje map close to the … Read More

When you are the BOSS who scolds you?

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So when you have finally taken the step to start your business and being your own boss. Now you don’t have any naggy bosses to tell you off or scold you anymore if you ever did a mistake. So who scolds you? Well the answer is quite simple…YOUR CUSTOMERS… Maybe perhaps you are growing to fast and you happen to … Read More

Communications with Hafihz

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Communications is an every day thingy which we use to either relay a message or show your feeling towards a certain situation. From time to time, we need to enhance it and learn new ways of communicating to either get the message across and if possible deliver the right meaning┬á to make the communications effective. That is what Bro Hafihz … Read More

Meeting with Warees


Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet Syamsul ( IT Head ) from Warees Investments. We were discussing a MUIS project ( Still confidential ) and so at the same time to discuss possible collaboration on technologies and advertising. Did you know Warees is the company that installed the LCD Panels at Mosques or "Mediaware"? What LCD? You know the … Read More

RSI Interview Part 2


Here’s the second audio!! I touched a bit on Internet Business. Topics: 1) How do we differentiate ourselves from the millions of bloggers. 2) Paid or Free marketing. 3) Google Advertising. 4) Issues on Social Networks. 5) Email marketing. [audio:http://www.podcast.sg/rsi_malay/Gaya_Hidup/audio/n080415_4mula_0954.mp3] I realised I use too much “Lah”…something to take note and insyallah I can do much better in the future.

Recent Radio Interviews


I am quite privilege to be known by people in the media where I do get interviewed to talk about the things I love. Internet Business & Blogging!! You just love the local media huh… I’ll be reviewing them bit by bit for the next few days. Here’s one of the interviews and these are the topics that I managed … Read More