If you want to grow, set aside your Marketing Funds

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This is not an Internet Marketing Lesson but this is a Business Lesson which applies across all industries and all sizes of business. The keyword here is LEVERAGE. For every business to grow you need to leverage on others. You have only so much time to work in a day. On average most of you will work up to 8 … Read More



Woke up early to write the newsletter today and post it out before heading to Tepak Sireh for the Kenali Diri session by SMCCI. I was late for about 25 mins and was there drenched due to the rain at Tampines. However Mr Roslan was at the door and I thought people were still eating but the session already started … Read More

Solving A problem


Here’s a video on Solving Problems. Great advice from Mr Roslan. An experience businessman in the Shipping industry and co-owner of 6 businesses. Do watch the video above. This video was shot last week during the SMCCI Talk. Because you do not know the answers, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find out what they are to help you solve … Read More

Paving a way to a better future

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  At the end of Chapter 8 of this book. Donald said this.. You may have not the money at the moment and conditions may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t be working on your ideas and paving the way to a better future. In other words let’s stop saying that we can’t do this and … Read More

The subsconcious mind…


Do you brush your teeth clean everyday? This may sound very weird to you but what this got to do with the subconcious mind. Well you know sometimes ideas kind of evolve in the Bathroom when the warm heated water strikes your head and somehow you started thinking. I have a habit of brushing my teeth and staying under the … Read More