We think We already Know, but We Don’t know.

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There are many reasons why we go to seminars again and again. To learn something new.. Yesterday is really yesterday and even if you’ve been to many seminars and events we tend to pick up this disease where we tend to plant this in our minds.. “I’ve seen him/her talk, it will be the same thing” Well I have this … Read More

A Promotion Is Not A Promotion if its Not Crazy

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This is the first time I hear my partner say this in Malay, “Ia bukan Promosi kalau Promosi tu Bukan Gila!”. Someday you guys must meet him. People say he is crazy but in actual fact he is right! If a Promotion is not Crazy enough to get People’s Attention and generate enough Buzz, then its not a promotion at … Read More

Ebook site in development

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Peace be upon you, Since our Mentor, Sujimy Mohd had already made teasers on his blog about his book being transformed to ebook. Allow me to buzzz too. This is one of the projects I am embarking now. The site will be ready insyallah in two weeks time. Or it might even be earlier. If you are interested to promote … Read More

Speak Confidently

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Are you among those who just can’t speak yet you want to voice out your heart to get your messages across? What exactly is the problem? People asked me many times over and over again. Fadzuli how do you go up on stage or just stand infront of many people and just talk. Honestly I dont have the right answer … Read More

One reason why you should be a Businessman/woman?


Perhaps this question have been in your mind for quite some time and you know what I only discovered one of the reasons why.. Last evening while at Harasha and Mizi’s preview for their public speaking course, I was talking to a NYP lecturer about Miracles ( I forgot his name ). I told him miracles tend to happen in … Read More

Global Entrepreneurship Week

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I received an email from Spring yesterday about this. So I would like to share this information with you. For those seeking for new ideas, for those looking for opportunities and for those looking for new contacts, The Global Entrepreneurship Week might be the answer you are seeking for. Be part of this campaign! ————————— What is Global Entrepreneurship Week? … Read More

Richard Branson


From a dyslexic high school dropout to a thriving billionaire and adventure capitalist knighted by the Queen of England, Branson carved a unique path to success using his personality as his greatest leverage. His career has spanned over thirty years and his brand has become one of the most recognized globally. How did he do it? Leadership: Branson once joked, … Read More

Anthony Robbins Seminar – overview


Well by now you would know that we got tickets for this seminar at really ridiculous prices and some people have been asking how is that possible? Well my answer to you is easy. NETWORKS. If you are in the right network and you do listen to the people who have been active in these networks all the time, you … Read More

A slow down in movement but Opportunity for Businesses


This is an observation I’ve made while watching people at the exit Haji Mohd Salleh Mosque ( Habib Noh ) 1) People crowding to get the Bubur.. 2) A slow down in movement. Most of the weeks before this, you would see people disappear from the mosque in just minutes. However today it seems different. People were walking slowly and … Read More