The JAr Sheet

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From the one of my highest hit posts – The Jar System – Rank No 1 on Google for “THE JAR SYSTEM” I’ve created another spread sheet. This time revised and easier to use. To top it off, I’ve also created a video to teach you how to use the spreadsheet. Previously I gave away the spreadsheet for no cost, … Read More

Are you GAME to save more Money?

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Sometimes it is a privilege to be so close to my mentor, Abang Abu because he always have this crazy ideas in his head. Even though its crazy but its for a Good Cause.. The next project he is embarking on is called the “Simpan Challenge“. As Ramadhan is getting closer and Hari Raya will be next, we would usually … Read More

Interview with Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz

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Well after the Business Will course last Saturday, I had an interview session with Tuan Haji Abdul Aziz, the speaker/trainer. One of the key questions I ask him is when should a business start this Business Succession Planning. Video is broken up to two as YOUTUBE can only allow up to  10 mins per video. So enjoy and I hope … Read More

When you meet clients like this..

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Recently I’ve met someone who asks me to come to their office and provide them a proposal for the company’s site.  For the first time ever. The Boss said,” Do what you think is best and don’t worry about the money”. How often do you get such clients eh?  I gave myself 10 days to come out with something and … Read More

Getting the right formulas going!!

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In any trade, we need to find the right formula to get things going fast. In the last few days, Alhamdullilah i’m receiving orders for the Solat 3d like no business seh and the products are not out yet. Its just Pre Orders. Even though the profit margins for this product is relatively small but the outcome is really wonderful. … Read More

Condo or Car

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Today I had a conversation with a friend. He’s into a MLM business dealing with cell food products which helps to heal wounds fast and currently his business is doing well. From the conversation he was telling me that his upline has gotten to Diamond and currently driving a BMW T series. And so he said when he reaches there … Read More

Optimising an Opportunity

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As the days passed, many new opportunities are brewing. Its really time to grab them and optimise it.  What exactly am I saying by optimising an opportunity? You see opportunities does not come to us all the time and if we don’t fully take advantage of it, it will pass us by very fast and end up we don’t really … Read More

Answering a question on Facebook

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This post is in the mix of English and Malay and its a response to one of the questions posted in Facebook.. I hope by sharing this you will learn a thing or two also… Ramadhaniah Rahmat January 8 at 9:49am Salams, can i ask if u dont mind. U kenal Abg Abu kan? Sorie if im wrong. Btw i … Read More

Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2

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Another half a day of enriching content. The last article we talk about Donna Fox and, Stuart and Simon Leung’s programs. So today I’ll be sharing on two more talks. Lee & Robin Collins. They are a really cute couple and I think they are the most happening Speakers then. They are always laughing and having fun. You know when … Read More

Smart Seminar 2nd Day – Part 1

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Alright its been quite a hectic three days. I’ve been uploading images, videos and I got myself a 30 day trial to the Traffic Geyser system and its AWESOME!! Yesterday and today alone, I’ve submitted around 5 videos and if you go to YOUTUBE you already see my videos dominating it when you type SMART SEMINAR. The traffic Geyser is … Read More