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The last few weeks, I’ve been busy with on Joint Venture projects with several parties from Halal Consultants to Education Specialists to Crazy Marketeers. I tell you its crazy. However there is a need for all these as we see our strengths on the web marketing platforms and them doing the offline marketing channels. I can’t give you exact details … Read More

Don’t ignore your customers interests

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This is one of the secrets that Large Companies don’t tell and they keep this information without you knowing it.  Yesterday I got an SMS from Hafihz telling us that he is on a garage sale. OK not really a garage sale.. more like a second hand book sale asking us if we wanted to buy this books from authors … Read More

Newsletter Day

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This has become a routine that Thursdays will be newsletter day. So I’ll be stuck in the office or at home, typing out all this articles and thinking of what to say to 500 plus strong subscribers of Islamicevents.sg and 2000 plus list of Nowasia’s contact. What time all these emails will be sent out. I would say before Friday. … Read More

My first Non Malay Student

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This shouldn’t be a surprise as we live in a cosmopolitant country where Malays, Chinese, Indian, Eurasians and other races kind of mix. So we do bump into one another all the time right. Previously most of my workshops were all targeted towards the Malay Community but somehow this one student of mine Von got to find out about this … Read More

The Tow Company Structure..

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From the previous post about the Towing company, here’s the structure as promised. How it works? Well you can either call the Tow company directly or call the workshop to ask for TOW. Usually I would do the later but it would not be a problem if you call them directly. As they have secured contracts with the workshops, you … Read More

Project Management

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Well if you have ever watch the Apprentice, the leader of each team – Project Manager is required for every project that was to undertake. Usually they would get the X if their team loses. This posts is about project management because as an Entrepreneur, we need to take on this role whether we like it or not. So what … Read More