Facebook Marketing Tips: Viral Contents

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Peace be upon you, I would like to share a simple strategy that could take your contents viral. But first let’s understand what do we mean by being viral. VIRAL comes from the word VIRUS. A virus as we know is a medical term for a disease or drug that is able to spread easily such as the normal COLD … Read More

Social Media Engagement: Sharing Your Journey

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I’ve been observing this pattern and trend lately on Facebook and Twitter that “Sharing Your Journey” attracts and helps to grow Facebook/Twitter Profiles and Facebook Pages very consistently. Furthermore by doing so you are also entertaining your ¬†audiences and building trust at the same time. Here’s a simple exercise that you can start with. 1) Be clear of your Goals.¬† … Read More

Your Facebook Timeline Cover Page

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Here’s a short video to explain to you about the Facebook Timeline Cover Page. If you are getting a designer to design your cover page, make sure you tell your designers to position your company logos at the bottom right position. Watch this video today! Have a great day!

Using Iphones to record Videos

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Trying to hard to think what to write? Well using your smartphone video capabilities is an easy way to record videos and publish it out. This was what we did yesterday in Facebook Action Series – 1st Batch Class no4. I realise that my students can talk very well and perhaps this is what they do all the time when … Read More