Courses This December

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Back from a long 3 weeks of reservist. Now back to workshops and more. Starting with the Basic Internet Biz Workshop this weekend.

Change Your Words, Change Your Profits

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Alhamdulillah. After the last session on the 19th of October, we received several requests to run another round of this session. And yes we agree to do so. Below are the details of that session. A few seats left for this session. Don’t miss it. Get more details here    

The Secret Word: YOU



The word “YOU” is an OPEN SECRET. Just that it is so common that you see it all the time. However you should be aware that when the word you is being used, the writer or the copywriter is as though talking to you directly. Not that person beside you, not that person that just passed you because it is … Read More

Change Your Words, Change Your Profits

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The next upcoming event.. Next Friday, 19th of October 2012.   Get more details on this seminar by clicking on the following link >> Date: Friday, 19th of October Time: 7.30pm to 11.00pm. Venue: Sultan Mosque Auditorium Registration starts at 6.30pm. 7.00pm to 7.30pm – Maghrib 7.30pm to 8.00pm – Introduction. Change Your Words, Change Your Profits – What’s … Read More

We have a New Training Center

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I’ve been wrong… This thought have never come across my mind for the last few years but after going through many searches for affordable training room and suddenly this offer just pop up. I guess this is perhaps the end of mindless searching for venues to do the training and we can start to do more regular classes also. The … Read More

Getting Optimal Traffic for Your Web

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Allow me to set some definitions in case you get lost in this article. Optimal Traffic. Also commonly referred to as “Qualified Traffic“.  In simple layman terms is getting the BEST Type of Visitors to visit your website. TRAFFIC ~ Flow of visitors to your website For example.  If you are in the Weight Loss Business – The type of … Read More

An Uncomfortable Situation

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Sometimes an uncomfortable situation arises because of an opportunity presented to you. The potential is great. What’s stopping me is my own self doubt and the realities of failing.. Yes even 4 years into this business world, I face such problems too. The What if becomes to stand to mind… The unclear end result. The Possibilities of Failure. and more… … Read More