Ultimately We Are Here to Please Allah swt



It’s been a long long time since I wrote anything here. So here we go. This is inspired by one of my students who felt sad that I do not check her facebook page to read or LIKE her postings. So I am going to smack this on everyone’s head right now. Seriously!! Firstly we must understand truly who you … Read More

Facebook Marketing Tips: Viral Contents

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Peace be upon you, I would like to share a simple strategy that could take your contents viral. But first let’s understand what do we mean by being viral. VIRAL comes from the word VIRUS. A virus as we know is a medical term for a disease or drug that is able to spread easily such as the normal COLD … Read More

My New Desktop Image..

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While holidaying in Malaysia, I picked up magazine SOLUSI and happen to stumble on Dr Fadzilah’s Kamsah article where he was given a ride on his friends car. In the car, there was this sticker that stated this Man’s goal to become a Millionaire and also become a pious person at the same time by December 2004. Today this man is … Read More

More risks, Be adventurous, The responsibilities



When you start to take more risks, be adventurous, the responsibilities also arises and with it also comes worries. Naturally fear will start to trikle in and your head keeps telling you can’t make it, you can’t do this and that. Know that these are voices that you should stop listening to as it will not help you in anyway.. Here’s a … Read More

2012 and Mission to Millions in 2013



In a few hours we will say goodbye to 2012 and welcome a brand new year in the Gregorian Calendar. We are what we are now because of the past… Let us reflect on this year failures and achievements. Though this year in personal life, I have quite a few set backs but all that were hard life lessons that … Read More

A Prayer for a Prayer

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Picture found shared on Facebook of Nazreen Mohamed Rahim This revolves the theory of “What goes around comes around”. It means that whatever we do good or bad will eventually comes back to us. Have you ever asked why Dr Fadzilah Kamsah asked us to practise the above so that the doors of rezeki opens up? For the non Malay … Read More

Spot the Mat


Spot the Mat on Berita Harian today! After spotting the Mat in Berita Harian on Pg 18 today ( 13 Aug 2011 ).. OK there’s actually an error in the info. Tell me what’s the error and win $20..

To build a wall. You lay one brick at a time…


Out of all the clips in the above video, this clip resonates well its about building the wall. You don’t try to build a wall, you don’t set out to build a wall…. You don’t start there. You say..  ” I am going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid and you do that every … Read More

What’s Happening @ Fadzuli.com

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The last few weeks have been quite happening eh. Well besides the upcoming Words That Kill Workshop, we have just ended another event with 200 in attendance @ the Million Dollar Facebook Secret Seminar. It was awesome… But first allow me to share with you what happened since last Friday. Last Friday.. we had the second “Weekly Traffic Action” session … Read More

The Tissue Seller


Look around you and you will be able to learn many lessons from it. People often talked about sales, I want more business, I want more money but how often do we do what we say compared to what we preach. Well I am guilty of some of it, however with better consistency these days, sales are going great. Alhamdulillah. … Read More