Facebook Marketing Tips: Viral Contents

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Peace be upon you, I would like to share a simple strategy that could take your contents viral. But first let’s understand what do we mean by being viral. VIRAL comes from the word VIRUS. A virus as we know is a medical term for a disease or drug that is able to spread easily such as the normal COLD … Read More

My New Desktop Image..

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While holidaying in Malaysia, I picked up magazine SOLUSI and happen to stumble on Dr Fadzilah’s Kamsah article where he was given a ride on his friends car. In the car, there was this sticker that stated this Man’s goal to become a Millionaire and also become a pious person at the same time by December 2004. Today this man is … Read More

If you want to get more business stop tagging me.


I posted this on facebook note earlier.. I though it would be good to publish her too, so that more people would read it.. ————————————————————————————- From the Facebook Note. I think we should start a policy, you want to see your advertisements on my wall, please Pay $XXX amount of money. Just getting too many irrelevant posts on my wall. … Read More

How valuable is your Network?

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Make a list of 101 people who have achieved some level of success. Go ahead. You’ll see how valuable this list will be when you’re done. In your educational life, do you know 20 good teachers? (kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, college adult education) In your work life, do you know 20 successful fellow employees or bosses? (secretaries, supervisors, coworkers, bosses, … Read More

Content not just advertisement…

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What many people do not understand is that they think they have a good advertisement, people will come to their website and buy whatever they are selling.. Well maybe for the short time but not long term. That is why maybe you are running that Multiply or Facebook e-shop and suddenly you realise one day nobody is knocking on your … Read More

Traffic Plan


Well do you know who this guy is? Well for those who are not familiar with the Internet Marketing Scene, his name is Jaz Lai. Last week end while I was attending Smart Seminar 2009 ( An Internet Marketing Seminar & Pitch Fest ) in Singapore Expo, I manage to catch Jaz Lai speak. If you look at him, your … Read More

Learn to dance with your clients..


Assalammualaikum wr wb, Some people think that running a business is all about making money. Some people think running business is all about the wealth that can be attained to get their dreams. And some people will think that business is about creating jobs for other people. To me Business is about serving or helping people solve a need or … Read More

We Change anything in a HEART BEAT


I would like to recall this incident where Tony was demonstrating state changes to the audience of 5000 people in the Expo. He asked for anyone who is currently feeling depressed. A few people stood up, however he only chose one of them.. So the first few questions revolved around, “Why are you Depressed? “.. So he asked the lady, … Read More

Getting to Citiraya


Assalammualaikum wr wb, Well we have to be sure that you know how to get to the Preview. The CitiRaya Building isn’t the easiest place to get to as I got lost for 45 minutes when I tried to find it the first time. So I made this video similar to getting to NOWASIA. So insyallah you won’t get lost. … Read More

Did you mess up?


This is an awesome seminar.  Its the simplest things that makes us realize our mistakes and did we messed up? Quotes from the video.. 1) How much have you saved and invest? 2) How many books have you read for the last 90 days to gain wisdom of the world? 3) How may classes have you taken in the last … Read More