Creating Channels that Benefits All

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Are you creating channels or are you just the at the end of that channel? Well either or the survival of the smaller channels are dependent of the Bigger channels.. Let me show you an illustration of what I mean. I took this out from the North South Malaysian Highway.. Above as you can see the illustration of how a … Read More

The Viral Potong Saga

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Today i’ve opened up Sha’s RSS email and saw this video.. Potong Saga… So when one video is that good to be spread around, it moves on its own. Automatically today, I pushed it up to facebook. Showed it to Abang Abu and Encik Majeed ( Next Door ). We were all bursting with laughter and this made today so … Read More

Weekly Inspirations from the Quran


In the name of Allah swt the master of the universe, The idea of this project was thought of a few weeks ago. I was holding on to the physical copy of the Weekly Inspirations of the Quran printed by Faithhub and the quotes really inspired me to take it off to another level. With the same system being used … Read More

1000% profit or more

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Is there such a product that can be 1000% profit or more? Let’s look at how a product can actually be sold, talk for you and your friends and be sold to them too and then keeps on being bought over and over and over again. Well I was explaining to Ameera about this earlier. You see the perks of … Read More

Answers at Multiply…


Wow the multipliers are really great..They are really fast at responding…So here’s the development of the inputs that I’m trying to get… Refer to this page.…?replies_read=8 1) Islamic Banking Fadzuli: No Riba ( Interests ) eusof :  domination of the whole world’s economy. Islamic Banking all the way! ezbz : It is the ‘IN THING’, propose more muslims to embark into it. amiesbakery: HSBC kylegerlz:safe … Read More

Buzz Marketing….

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Well the Ramadhan period has really come in blessings. I’ve been receiving calls from a few places and it seems that the next few months would be great and it will keep me busy. Hopefully it will stay that way insyallah… Today I had an opportunity to meet a husband and wife team that have been doing their internet business … Read More

Did you know 2.0…


Someday we might even speak in …….M. Watch the whole video [youtube: 500 400] The world is changing and shifting so fast that we might not even be able to catch up.  Today’s kids have to adopt a different way of learning and the problem is the one’s teaching are they READY for that?  

Integrating Useful Contents With Your Adverts


Heard of the banner blindness concept? If you haven’t then let me try to explain it to you.  Everyone especially if you are living in the city will be exposed by thousands of advertisements, labels and signs on a daily basis. Thus the brain is already in tune with some of this ads and the brain will tell you that … Read More