Caricature of Tony & Me

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This is a cool caricature drawing of myself and Tony Robbins.. If that would happen it would really be dream come true. You never know huh. You never know who you would discover in Facebook. That site has really created so many friends and contacts and undiscovered talent. This drawing is done by one talented lady, Shareah Mokhtar’s. Check out her … Read More

Changing Mantras


Without realising it, this seeps into the subconcious mind and the more you let it be, the more it will become your reality.. “Every word you say is a prayer” No wonder the money doesn’t sticks to me.. because I’ve been harping on that “Money is not Important but Helping is”.. The more i keep saying the more it turns … Read More

The ESQ Journey…


Bismillāh ar-Rahmān ar-RahīmIn the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful ESQ means Emotional Spiritual Journey. It is a journey beyond words and writings will not be able to describe the experience. Penning this down was difficult as I had to choose the right words so that journey which I had embarked on is not a waste. The meaning of … Read More

Two choices..


Got this from an email from Jonathan Shek.. Do share it around. Just copy it and let your feelings flow. Two Choices What would you do? You make the choice. Don’t look for a punch line, there isn’t one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice? At a fundraising dinner for a school that … Read More

Keep going


After a day of having gastric and now still under medication… I’m rolling out again. To my blogger friends, who’s thinking of quitting blogging do stop considering it. Today I copied a post about social networking from a site to my blog and realised that someone actually tweeted my posts without me realising. How do I know? Well I kind … Read More

What will you tell your child?


Before my friend changes her mind to change her blog to be redirected to other sites. I want to share this blog post of hers. ——–From the desk of —————————— Like the previous post, I’m reproducing a section from a book, this time it’s from “The Alchemist”. It was one of those books that almost made me cry, because … Read More

Problogger Competition


This is a very interesting Blog Challenge by ProBlogger. Even though this is the third time running and my first time participating in it, I so look forward to the challenge. This is because I’ve been trying to sit down and find time to create my Social Network Tutorials but it didn’t work out as I thought. So now with … Read More

Don’t be waiting


Be a creator and don’t wait.  Time waits for no Man. One of the reasons that we are not moving is because we wait too much. We wait for results, we wait for others to do it first, we wait to be told and we wait and we wait and we wait… You know I hate the idea of waiting … Read More

Getting Rich is predictable..

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Chapter 13 – R.Kiyosaki and Donald Trump shared why being rich is predictable. I believe I mentioned it before when I did the rubic cube article. Well let me try to elaborate further. When we were in school there will always be an impossible Math question to answer. Am I right? But if you happen to persists you will finally … Read More

Paving a way to a better future

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  At the end of Chapter 8 of this book. Donald said this.. You may have not the money at the moment and conditions may not be ideal, but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t be working on your ideas and paving the way to a better future. In other words let’s stop saying that we can’t do this and … Read More