The Road to Success


got this from an SMS… The road to success is not Straight. There is a curve called Failure. A loop called Confusion. Speed bumps called bad Friends. Red lights called Enemies. Caution lights called Family. Flat tyre called Jobs. But if you have a spare wheel called Determination, an Engine called Perserverance, an Insurance called Faith and a Driver called … Read More

What matters most..

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What matters, is to have faith. What matters, is to try and never give up. What matters, is patience. What matters, is creativity – Not necessarily thinking ahead of the pack, but what the pack sometimes leaves behind. What matters, is not that you are intelligent, but someone helped you, and someone helped you. I got this quote from my … Read More

Abang Abu : CASHFLOW


Its been sometime since I talked about Abang Abu’s post. Abang Abu has recently published his own WORK BOOK. This book consists of instructions that can help you do your budgeting and calculate your CASHFLOW. For those that are running a business and you have not really set your budgets and accounts right, I recommend you to get this book … Read More

What’s on your Desktop?


Just wondering…what pic do you have on your desktop. For those lazy ones, I know yours is still the default windows image right? Anyway F1 is almost here and I’m pretty much looking forward to it…I’m not much of car racing lover but I would love to drive one of those someday. Even for 1 minute jadi ah.  So that’s … Read More



Blessings are important part of your business especially from your parents. If we are not born in a family that runs businesses, you will definitely face this pressure. We are still on Dr Fadzilah’s chapter.. 4 doa yang Allah tak akan tolak iatu doa mak bapak, doa pemimpin yang adil, doa musafir dan doa orang yang dizalimi. Jadi doa ibu … Read More

Preparations for Press Releases


Visit Saiful’s Blog to read more. Here’s my opinion about his blog posts: You see golden opportunities only comes once in a while and you do need to use these opportunities carefully. So if it comes once or twice, how do you utilize this opportunities fully. Preparations is key No doubt if you are not prepared for this you will … Read More

Hafihz & Marketing!!


So are you busy on Wednesday evening? Well if you are stop reading this and if you can change your mind and keep it free why not join us tomorrow evening for this TALK. Its FREE and you just need to bring yourself there. So feel free to call me or SMS @ 9452 0491 to confirm your attendance.

Dr Mell Gill preview

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Last Monday, I happen to receive a call from Kak Chomel asking me to attend this talk. So yeah I happen to be slightly free so why not drop by and it is also an opportunity to network with people. So around 6.30pm. Did my Asar in the office and set off for this talk at YWCA, Fort Canning Lodge. … Read More

What would you do with your first million..


Recently Dr Irfan Khairi posted up what he did when he had his first 1st million when he was 25 @ his blog. Can this be applied here because he is in Malaysia. Ok firstly Dr Irfan actually bought a Condo & a Car in cash. His reason was simple – He did not want to have debts. This was … Read More