Believe in Yourself


Have you guys watch Kungfu Panda? Well for those who have not, I’m gonna spoil it for you..hahaha..Firstly the characters are really cute..Just look at the master and the panda.. You would feel like hugging them!! Well this Disney Animation just like others always have certain messages about life and this movie is all about self believe and searching for … Read More

Do you agree with this statement

FadzuliMotivations, The Days

Come to think of it, that its true in one way cos if you don’t try, how would you know if you will succeed or fail. Have you failed before? Back in Secondary School, I used to think that I would never fail any subject or module in school. In fact I would never have thought that I was weak … Read More

Goals & Focus


During the Cash Flow workshop yesterday, I manage to help a few people to understand the power of setting a goal. From an investment of $1,000, I managed to help them to get $30,000. This is based on paper money. What’s more important that I wish to stress is the principles behind GOAL SETTING. So what did I exactly do.. … Read More