What if your child is creating something worth millions

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Forgive me for writing this post as I had promise to write about something else. Have these thoughts come across you that when your children might be creating something worth millions or billions? Are you telling your kids to stop doing what they are doing without realising that you are blocking their creative side. This video in the Big Idea … Read More

Dr Mell Gill preview

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Last Monday, I happen to receive a call from Kak Chomel asking me to attend this talk. So yeah I happen to be slightly free so why not drop by and it is also an opportunity to network with people. So around 6.30pm. Did my Asar in the office and set off for this talk at YWCA, Fort Canning Lodge. … Read More

What would you do with your first million..


Recently Dr Irfan Khairi posted up what he did when he had his first 1st million when he was 25 @ his blog. Can this be applied here because he is in Malaysia. Ok firstly Dr Irfan actually bought a Condo & a Car in cash. His reason was simple – He did not want to have debts. This was … Read More

A theme song that’s buzzing in my head…

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[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=oNsQewlFtEs&autoplay=1 450 350] Once a while such songs will ring into your head and you keep humming it. This is a recent movie I’ve watched, so yeah i’m giving the song a 5 star..It was really nice and it hits you when the song is played at the right part of the movie.. If it was just played in the … Read More

Believe in Yourself


Have you guys watch Kungfu Panda? Well for those who have not, I’m gonna spoil it for you..hahaha..Firstly the characters are really cute..Just look at the master and the panda.. You would feel like hugging them!! Well this Disney Animation just like others always have certain messages about life and this movie is all about self believe and searching for … Read More

I have bad news for my soap distributors!!

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Apparently the hike in prices has also affected the raw supply and manufacturing prices in Malaysia. The Taharah Soap manufacturers will also be increasing the prices for distributors from 1st July onwards. Unfortunately they never moved the retail price resulting in lesser margins for us distributors and stokists. They may have their reasons for it because the price of the … Read More

The phone been ringing like crazy

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The phone had been ringing like crazy yesterday. Thanks to the Ekoniaga team for featuring the workshop in Berita Harian yesterday. I had a few callers from several age range and of very interesting characters too. One that stands out most was this P Ramlee voice impersonater. You heard me!! This man can talk like P Ramlee lah…even though he … Read More

How rich will I be


19,470,748How much money will you be worth? I found this test via sha’s money maker site.. For the fun of it right. So why not give it a go and let’s see how much you can make in 10 years time!! This is a very good example of developing traffic to your site virally!! I wonder what’s the formula to … Read More

Should you buy a domain with your name?

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This idea struck me today cos recently I helped to set up a blog for a friend. Her name is so common yet nobody had purchase that domain ever since the Internet started. As a businessman, I keep telling people my name, pass my name cards around and do so many things lah with my name. Before you sell your … Read More