What $1 buys you around the world…


I went on to search for ideas and thought this would impress you.. Found on http://dianhasan.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/what-does-a-1-buy-around-the-world/ The Philippines: a $1 buys you a haircut, 45 kikiam (fried fish) or 9 lumpias(veggie spring rolls), among others. ~ Contemporary Nomad Chester, England: US$1 (63 pence) gets me half a loaf of bread. As for Philippines, one of the best things you can get with $1 is … Read More

Seminar Mak Comblang

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This seminar is in Malay, hence I will be writing in Malay for the next few weeks. “Mak Comblang! Apa tu Fadzuli?” Mungkin ini reaksi anda bila anda nampak nama yang diberikan seminar ini. Nak tahu bagaimana saya boleh dapat nama “Buang Tebiat Macam ni”? hehe.. Alkisah……. Bila saya mula tulis “sales copy” untuk seminar ini saya ada tunjukan lah … Read More

When you are inspired…

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When you are inspired you can design posters like this in 15 minutes. Otherwise it could take hours, days, months or even years to complete it. 🙂 Acam power tak? If you are interested to learn Photoshop and design such posters like the above. Just drop me a message, I will consider opening a class for this.

Should I buy all the domains

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Its been a while since someone actually asked me questions to Internet Business. Seems like I have been out of the radar lately. Anyways here’s a question from Bro Hadi, which I would like to share with you. Perhaps the other Internet Experts can chip in too. Question: My domain registrar prompted me that a company is attempting to buy … Read More

Lemonade Tycoon

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This article is written in Malay. Baru – Baru ini saya kena hook pula dengan game Lemonade Tycoon kat Iphone. Dah lama saya download tapi belum sempat nak main. Hari Sabtu lalu sambil layankan mak saya ( Jadi Chauffer ) hantar dia ke rumah Makcik-makcik dan Nenek- nenek, saya pun dah naik bosan menunggu. Tulah age gap yang jauh kadang-kadang … Read More

What if you were blind…

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What if you were blind? How are you to surf any website with the mouse? How are you able to make it as such that just by pressing certain keys on the keyboard will get you to the next page, next paragraph, next line.. It can be challenging isn’t it. This is possibly the next project that my team will … Read More

If you want to get more business stop tagging me.


I posted this on facebook note earlier.. I though it would be good to publish her too, so that more people would read it.. ————————————————————————————- From the Facebook Note. I think we should start a policy, you want to see your advertisements on my wall, please Pay $XXX amount of money. Just getting too many irrelevant posts on my wall. … Read More

Murah Rezeki?


Apa khabar rakan-rakan, Hari ini saya ingin menulis menggunakan bahasa ibunda ku. Sekiranya ada silap dan salah, harap maaf ya dahulu. Hari ini saya imbas kembali kepada “Wealth Seminar 2008” dimana penceramahnya pada waktu itu adalah Dr Fadzilah Kamsah. Dia mengatakan bahawa setiap perkataan itu adalah DOA. Dari masa ke masa saya lupa tentang nasihat ini. Hari ini bilanya saya … Read More

Ride the World Cup Wave


Storms are brewing and the Hurricane is still building up. Ahh I’ve been hearing in Facebook that people are saying the World Cup is affecting Businesses. Is this true? People are rushing back from work immediately and glued to the TV or going over to the nearest Coffee Shop to watch it with their friends. So is it really affecting … Read More

Berita Harian Advert Today for VIS Course


Saw this Advert @ Berita Harian today? Tulah tak baca Berita Harian lagi kan.. OK so that is why I am posting it here. 🙂 Lungsurilah www.vistraining.com untuk dapatkan maklumat lebih lanjut.