New Banner to fit the right market…


A new banner design for the advert @ Newsletter. Its common sense to fit in a picture to attract the right market. As the newsletter was addressed to Muslim subscribers, the picture of the lady in the previous poster was replaced by the one above. What do you think?

How valuable is your Network?

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Make a list of 101 people who have achieved some level of success. Go ahead. You’ll see how valuable this list will be when you’re done. In your educational life, do you know 20 good teachers? (kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, college adult education) In your work life, do you know 20 successful fellow employees or bosses? (secretaries, supervisors, coworkers, bosses, … Read More

Spinning the $2 ideas

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More ideas from the $1 ideas… What can be sold for $2? Since we have an idea now to get to $1 by selling your own stuff in the previous article. In fact you can get more than $1 for selling your old stuff. So today we want to go into the market. The second easiest thing to sell is … Read More

Content not just advertisement…

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What many people do not understand is that they think they have a good advertisement, people will come to their website and buy whatever they are selling.. Well maybe for the short time but not long term. That is why maybe you are running that Multiply or Facebook e-shop and suddenly you realise one day nobody is knocking on your … Read More

Keep on Learning & Taking Massive Action ( Part 1 )

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Learning never ends.. Learning does not stop till the day we take our last breath.. Learning comes from everywhere and anywhere.. Learning requires a teacher else it can take you to the wrong places. Learning is a continuous process and it doesn’t stop from the day you leave school. That comes to my thoughts when I think about Learning. For … Read More

Writing Your Story ( Part 2 )


Salams, We continue from where we left off.. Your story does not stop yesterday. If you are alive and breathing, every day is a story hence continue writing. The past is only the foundation of our lives. Today happens because of what you did yesterday. And tomorrow happens because of what you do today. Hence don’t forget the present is … Read More

5 more things I hate about UIS…

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Goodness. You wont believe it either? no 6.. Well I thought Internet Business is just about sitting infront of the computer… Why in the world am I despatching the tickets? Well in fact even though its tiring but IT WORKED… Solely depending on the online platform does not guarantee you sales especially in a small country in Singapore. Yes we … Read More

Oooh Apekkk is at it again…..


When you see that tagline, what do you remember? Well if you dont know, YOU MUST REMEMBER because this lady came from no where one day and came out with all these funny cartoons / caricatures. In this case, she, Shareah Mokhtar, did it again.. or is it the character in her cartoon ( The Apek) did it again.. Click Above … Read More

Move that Butt


Well that’s what we have been up to the last few days… We have been really kicking our butt to create massive actions and results. From time to time, we have to push ourselves to create the results we want. At the end of the day we are answerable for our own results. The moment we stop playing the blaming … Read More