Should I buy all the domains

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Its been a while since someone actually asked me questions to Internet Business. Seems like I have been out of the radar lately. Anyways here’s a question from Bro Hadi, which I would like to share with you. Perhaps the other Internet Experts can chip in too. Question: My domain registrar prompted me that a company is attempting to buy … Read More

Seeing 30% profits.. Crazy

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I recalled sitting in the seminar where T-Harv Eker mention that its possible to make 30% to 200% return in investment from trading year in year out.  The question is do we know how to do it? It seems that the answers are beginning to appear in my face and the fact its real makes me not believe it either. … Read More

3rd Day @ Kedah – Off to Penang

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Well we didnt want to hang around Keday only, so we head on to Penang that day but we went there only later in the afternoon as my Grandmother was cooking the Nasi Minyak for everyone. While waiting, we spend some precious time with the Nephews and Nieces. All of them were born in Australia and three years ago they … Read More

Answering to a question

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Are you for real? zero to $100 million? While you’re at it, why not stretch it to zero to $100 BILLION?! Who do you think you are to want to coach people to be multi-millionaires when you don’t even have $100,000? Ahh recently I’ve received a comment that ask me and question my credibility. So let me help you answer … Read More

NOWASIA Office..:)

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Have you seen our office yet? Usually the office is in a mess and people who comes in and out will have bad experience. So the last two days, Bro Fairus helped out sort all the documents, books to clean it up.  SO WATCH THE VIDEO NOW!  

Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2

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Another half a day of enriching content. The last article we talk about Donna Fox and, Stuart and Simon Leung’s programs. So today I’ll be sharing on two more talks. Lee & Robin Collins. They are a really cute couple and I think they are the most happening Speakers then. They are always laughing and having fun. You know when … Read More

Smart Seminar 2nd Day – Part 1

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Alright its been quite a hectic three days. I’ve been uploading images, videos and I got myself a 30 day trial to the Traffic Geyser system and its AWESOME!! Yesterday and today alone, I’ve submitted around 5 videos and if you go to YOUTUBE you already see my videos dominating it when you type SMART SEMINAR. The traffic Geyser is … Read More

It’s been quite a busy week

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After an EXPO the recovery phase is kind of hectic too. Took the whole day off last Tuesday and yesterday I had to go around settling the payments and stuff. Just like to share with you guys what we went through…. Perhaps these are the mistakes that we made that you can learn from.. 1) Not understanding the Consumer mindset.. … Read More

Viral Marketing Software

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This is what I’m talking about man… Just the other I was experimenting with mass email marketing I had this great idea of creating this magnifient software…. Unfortunately someone beat me to it…That’s how the world is yah. Thinking is just not good enough. Actions must come along with it. Anyway with my own programming knowledge I doubt I can … Read More

The other Fadzuli?

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Don’t get it wrong! Its not me. I received an SMS today asking me, did PM Lee talked about me? PM Lee in his speech last Sunday mention about a certain Fadzuli that went to the States on a scholarship. He’s currently doing a Masters in Game Development Course and working in Disney. Taken from “He was addicted to … Read More