More LIKEs Than Comments

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With Facebook inventing the LIKE button, it has since revolutionize the way we communicate with our audience and readers. I would say that most Bloggers, Writers & Facebookers would love to see more than just LIKEs on their site and they would want to see more comments – be it criticizing or praising it so that they know where they stand. There … Read More

Cold Hard Truths – Before you revamp your site.

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It’s been a long time since I wrote a genuine post here. I think in 2013, i should spend at least once a week posting stuff here instead of just on my Facebook Page. Time to make this site alive and kicking again. Here we go. Yesterday I had a short session with Muchtar from APKIM resources. He asked me … Read More

Getting Optimal Traffic for Your Web

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Allow me to set some definitions in case you get lost in this article. Optimal Traffic. Also commonly referred to as “Qualified Traffic“.  In simple layman terms is getting the BEST Type of Visitors to visit your website. TRAFFIC ~ Flow of visitors to your website For example.  If you are in the Weight Loss Business – The type of … Read More

The Science of Following Up

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Following up is a cycle of activities that a lot of marketeers dread to do. Even myself at times because it is draining but is it important yes. Reason:  1) Most people don’t buy at the first opportunity that you present to them your offer. 2) Many people forget what you say the first time round. 3) Perhaps at that … Read More

Is word of mouth enough?

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Did you know that Word of Mouth Advertising is the best form of Marketing? In most cases it will work very well because you may have done an impressive job or your product had worked amazingly for the client. This process should continue regardless cos there are people who would just buzz for you without asking for commissions. But is this enough … Read More

Did you harness your Buyers list?

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You may have 1 new client a day and in 1 year you might have 365 clients. In two years you will have 730 clients. Have you ever follow up with them after you made the sale with them? Of course you must have made an impact on them. Now even with the lousiest of sales, did you know that … Read More

We think We already Know But We Don’t Know

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This article is a rehashed from the archives. There are many reasons why we go to seminars again and again. To learn something new.. Yesterday is really yesterday and even if you’ve been to many seminars and events we tend to pick up this disease where we tend to plant this in our minds.. “I’ve seen him/her talk, it will … Read More