Sponsorship Opportunities

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Assalammualaikum wr wb,   Just to let you know we are web casting SMCCI’s Friday Breakfast talks on the net. The channel has been set up yesterday. Please view this site – www.islamicevents.sg/live.php In the process we are also looking for sponsors.  Sponsorships details:  Price: $50 Company Logo will be shown such as DYNTV and Verbeter Group.  We will also … Read More

Solat 3D

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Solat 3d DVD is one of the most exciting Islamic products that have been out in the market since my sabun was out two years ago. The moment I saw this interview in the papers, I called my partner Fadzrun up and told him that we need to get to the distributor and market this online! A few emails later … Read More

Feedback Exercise on the Budget…

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Well personally I don’t really like Blogging about the Political Scene.. But when come to Budget that has been announced recently, I believe it matters to most Singaporeans. So this is also to help my friends in REACH.sg to spread their word about this on-line Feedback exercise they are having this coming Thursday @ 8pm. Here’s the email I got.. … Read More

Winning Adverts and guidance…

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Based on Hafihz’s comment, I went Googling for Award Winning Advertisements.  Well while browsing, I found this image use for the “Save Trees. Tree Save” campaign. Click on the image to view a larger picture. So did you figured out what the advertisement is telling trying to tell you? Very straightforward isn’t it?  Simple yet easy again to understand. So now … Read More