Elevator Speech


Fuuh this is a very good tutorial by Pro Blogger. It is also the first day of 31 day blogging challenge.. Read this about the Elevator Speech @ Problogger.net. => Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog [Day 1 -31DBBB]  I’ve implemented some of the tips in there and I’m seeing quite a significant traffic and perhaps I should start updating … Read More

31 day list of of what to write


31 day Blogging Challenge by Problogger.net  This are the list of topics that will be written down.  So let’s cracking and start writing.       Topic: Social Networking. Day 1:  What is social Networking? Day 2:  How does Social Networking work? Day 3:  Offline and Online Social Networking? Day 4:  How do you measure  Social Networking success? Day 5: … Read More

3rd Day @ Kedah – Off to Penang

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Well we didnt want to hang around Keday only, so we head on to Penang that day but we went there only later in the afternoon as my Grandmother was cooking the Nasi Minyak for everyone. While waiting, we spend some precious time with the Nephews and Nieces. All of them were born in Australia and three years ago they … Read More

Blogging Workshop


This workshop is only open to the BASIC INTERNET MARKETING alumnis. Email to coaching@technoeo.net if you are interested.

I won complimentary tickets worth $499..

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Woo hoo… If you happen to follow my twitter ( Right Side bar => ), you would have hear me announced this yesterday. I was totally surprised yesterday and am really grateful to God to what is happening to me now. How did I win? I’m subscribe to Stuart’s Tan mailing list and Adam Khoo’s mailing list. So they would … Read More

Are you the kind who sees a URL and will type it


I admit I do have a problem with this. Somehow it has become a habit. Whenever I see a new Internet Address, I will end up opening up a new browser and start typing it out to read or find out more about the site. Its people like me that creates tons of traffic to people’s website because on average … Read More

Blogging a Passive Income Source?

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Today I was sharing with my new students on this topic. Can we get PASSIVE INCOME from Blogging? Personally I dont feel its passive income at all. It actually falls under “ACTIVE INCOME” as you see you need to write from day to day to attract traffic and build trust with people, drop comments here and there and so on. … Read More

Blogger Batch 3


Another blogging class completed. For this batch we have 5 students. Just like the previous blogging classes they sure have benefited in one way or another. It seems less rushing to do this workshop when its split between two days. It used to be quite rushing and  we had much spare time to discuss more things. There were plenty of … Read More

Advertisement today!!


This is my first advertisment with my own money. Previously we got help from Kelab Ekoniaga to write us the articles for the Blog Course. So yeah from now onwards its up to us to advertise my own courses and this needs to be done probably two weeks once. So maybe you ask, how come I didn’t engage Ekoniaga again. … Read More

Putting Advertisements


Recently in ProBlogger.net, Darren Rowse asked his readers if it is alright to put advertisements on their site when they start their blog. It depends and you also need to ask what is this blog for? Is it for commercializations – meaning to generate income or just personal blog that does not generate income at all. Personally this is what … Read More