Evaluation of Blogging Class 2


Todays Blogging class is much smaller than the first one despite the number of calls. So it got me thinking about what went wrong or went right. What went right… 1) Featured write up in BH ( Manage to save on Advertising ). 2) Over 40 calls received. 3) Personal calls to remind & encourage them to join. 4) Able … Read More

Becoming a Blogger

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This is something to think about and develop a part time career with. Whether you are a professional or you are a jobless. If you do enjoy writing, consider this alternative careers. Watch this video of Darren Rowse and a few others. [googlevideo:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3703804157639868975&hl=en&autoplay=0 425 355] Cool right? Well their income is not in the millions but if you think about … Read More

Today in BH..


Thanks to Sister Adibah for writing this article and the Ekoniaga Team for supporting this event. Here’s an article taken from Cyberita. Keraguan itu mendorong Cik Salwati Abdullah, 43 tahun, menyertai satu bengkel blog baru-baru ini bersama anaknya, Hafizawati Hafidz, 17 tahun, pelajar Sekolah Menengah Telok Kurau. Dikendalikan oleh Encik Fadzuli Wahab, 25 tahun, seorang anggota Kelab Ekoniaga (KE) Berita … Read More

First Blogging Class!!


The first blogging course at Kampong Chai Chee CC was a blast yesterday. The students have to go through an 8 hour intensive learning program and here’s the results.. 3 hours -> Setting up Your Blog! 2 hours -> What to write & How to write 2 Hours -> Monetizing your blog 1 Hour -> Marketing techniques. Here’s the publish … Read More

How I started my Business from Home


Back then when I left school, I spent months at home figuring out what I could do. The first business venture with my friend to start a global trading business started from home. I’m tasked to create the website for the company, therefore worked started from home, there was no budget nor capital to start. It was the reliance of … Read More

Blogging for Success


This is last Saturdays post in Berita Harian By Norhaiza Hashim MENULIS dalam blog merupakan satu kegiatan yang sering dilakukan oleh terutamanya golongan belia ketika ini untuk mencatatkan diari kehidupan mereka. Namun, tahukah anda bahawa blog, yang merupakan jurnal dalam Internet, dapat menjadi wadah bagi kita menjana pendapatan sampingan? Untuk mengetahui cara menghasilkan dan menjana pendapatan menerusi blog, sertai satu … Read More

Blogs for Business

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* image taken from http://www.websitesource.com Nowadays having a website for your business is not enough. With the emergence of blogs being used in business it has totally change how business operates these days.. Remember the old days where business sites are static and superbly boring!! They change only every 6 months or 1 year !! Now the trend has change, … Read More

Blogging Partnerships


I’ve helped to create a website for one of my students whom I have featured previously about his passion in flower decoration. Today I stumble his blog and saw quite a few contents here and there. I said wow!! Well compare his website www.afinasfloral.com and the blog www.afinasfloral.blogspot.com, which site would you follow? I’ll bet you choose the later because … Read More