Facebook Users.. Please view this video!

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This is quite an important lesson for you. Just the other day Kak Suria was sharing with me on this topic. Did you know that you can lose everything in Facebook if you were to do anything illegal or you might misused it anyway and KENA BAN from them. Well Facebook has actually came out with a new feature to back … Read More

Petua buat duit secara ‘pandu auto’

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SEMINAR UNTUNG INTERNET Petua buat duit secara ‘pandu auto’ Oleh Atiyyah Mohd Said BAYANGKAN anda bangun setiap hari dan melihat tempahan menerusi e-mel yang membolehkan anda menikmati pendapatan tanpa mengendalikan perniagaan secara cergas. Ini bukan satu mimpi malah sesuatu yang benar-benar boleh menjadi kenyataan, kata Pengasas firma IslamicSG Networks, Encik Fadzuli Wahab, yang pernah meraih $1,000 sebulan dengan menjalankan perniagaan … Read More

Introduce you business using videos

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I had a chance to interview one of our best referrers for the Untung Internet Seminar.. Its Kak Roszilah from www.heiraz.com. The video above is just a simple demonstration on how we can use video interviews to introduce our business. Is it that expensive to do this? Yes if you hire professional Crews to do it.. No if you know … Read More

Get to know them LAH!!!

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This may sound so absurd to you… Why should I get to know them???? Well its simple, if you dont get to know them, they will judge you, they will think that you are this SLEAZY sales person who is trying to sell them something.. Well its true that you will want to eventually sell them something, however nothing is … Read More

Warna Interviews

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Compilasi Interview-Interview di Radio Warna pada Februari lalu. 3 February 2009 – Facebook & Blog [audio:http://www.fadzuli.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/dilema030209fad1.mp3] – Can’t hear? Listen here 13 February 2009 – Perniagaan Di Internet [audio: http://www.fadzuli.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/dilema130209.mp3] – Can’t hear? Listen here 19 February 2009 – Boleh dapat discount? [audio: http://www.fadzuli.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/dil190209fad.mp3] – Can’t hear? Listen here 19 February 2009 – Bab Sosial di Internet [audio: http://www.fadzuli.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/dil260209fad.mp3]- Can’t … Read More

Laporan X review

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There are 2 parts of the ebook. One introducing to you on Affiliate Marketing and secondly the wonderful tips on how to be an effective affiliate. Well I have a few articles which you can read on about affiliate marketing, you just need to search my blog for it. Or ask me for the link. Use my contact page to … Read More

Virtual Internet Specialist Course

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Have you heard of this occupation before? Well it isn’t really a new occupation and it has actually existed since the Internet was born. This is an occupation of stay home mums & freelancers. Yes its a job which can be done anywhere and everywhere. My buddy Shahib Amin who is a graphic cum videographer does his work at Mc … Read More

Word Pitch

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Amids of all the involvement in the New Media Scene, we get so much emails from various sources telling us this event is happening and that event is happening but one event really strikes a Chord – WordPITCH  So here’s what Word Pitch is all about.. Taken from ThomasCrampton.com Groups of at least 5 people can get together in any … Read More