More LIKEs Than Comments

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With Facebook inventing the LIKE button, it has since revolutionize the way we communicate with our audience and readers. I would say that most Bloggers, Writers & Facebookers would love to see more than just LIKEs on their site and they would want to see more comments – be it criticizing or praising it so that they know where they stand. There … Read More

Can Facebook help Grow your Business?

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Peace be upon you , I hope you are doing great this 2010. Just wish to share this article with you and a course that my good friend is conducting. If you are interested, please read on.. Taken from – —————————- start of article ———————————- Can Facebook help Grow your Business? When I first started using facebook, it was … Read More

Social Networking Offline

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In any business culture there’s always a need to build TRUST first. So there is always a need to get to know people first then we can really do business. So the reason social networking is important is to build this bridge between you and your audience. At some level you need to be connected before any transaction could be … Read More

How does Social Networking works?

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Well there’s so many resources in the Internet about this. Here’s a very good video that just explain that. Extract taken from You’ve heard the term social networking, right? But do you really understand what it’s about? I’ve found that while many have heard the term, most don’t know what it really means. Yet, most of us are engaged in social networking dozens … Read More

What is Social Networking

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This is the first post of many post about social networking. This extract is take from   What is Social Networking? Social Networking – perhaps you’ve heard of it before, but are not quite sure what it means.   Social networking is the grouping of individuals into specific groups, like small rural communities or a neighborhood subdivision, if you will. … Read More