Shortening your Affiliate Code

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Links or URLs can be very long and at the same time it is hard to paste it into your notes, emails and so on. Furthermore sometimes long URLs can looks scary to some people. They may think that we are sending them to sites that are not safe. So let’s not scare your audience away and shorten your links. … Read More

Creating E-Book Covers in Photoshop in 5 minutes

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Yes you hear me..Now you can create an e-book cover within 5 minutes using photoshop. OK provided you have the design ready! I’ve accidently bumped into this post while searching for Free Tools that can help speed up some of my work. So being lazy I searched for it and found this. With the right keywords, definitely you get your … Read More

Paypal Schemers

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This post is meant to inform the people who have created your PAYPAL account for the first time. My VA Students who have created their accounts last week was engaged by some China people who have been asking for credit card Nos. If you have been contacted by them, please ignore their calls. One of my students have confirmed with … Read More

Why do you need to own your site?

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The last few days have been really testing for the social networks as some of them suffered from HIGH TRAFFIC congestions due to online ATTACKs. Read here Check out what’s a DOS attack here.. Having too much dependence on Facebook & Tweeter to get the traffic is also a bad thing. Cos what if it goes down, what if facebook … Read More

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Do you know who owns Well its none other that Sujmy Mohd from Screenbox. Yeah finally its almost done. is at 90% completion leaving with the Sungguh Mall to be redesigned and integrated and a few expected hiccups to come along the way.. yes nothing is perfect. On average it takes 3months plus to really tweak a site … Read More

Photo Editing Online

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Just found this great resoure from Adi from Facebook. Its another Adobe Photoshop competitor and its a free tool to use. Visit ¬† If you are afraid of licensing problems and can’t afford Adobe Photoshop, consider using this to do your image editing. I have not tested its functionalities to its full extent but I think this is great especially … Read More

Al Fatihah…..Google Chrome

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A few hours ago I tried reviving a dieing browser, search for answers through google and implemented so many things..Reinstall it, ok can’t do CPR on it…what else did I do and finally at 4.36pm Singapore time, I’ve declared Google Chrome dead…. It has been a great few weeks though, I’ve began loving it but today the beta version of … Read More

Ahh I want the IAlif software…

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It has been quite a while since Reqa Pte Ltd launched the IAlif mobile software. So I would like to know your perspective on this software.. Let’s poll.. Visit [poll id=”15″] If you have other comments. Feel free to give your views here.