Our First Fire Sale



This took a while for me to sit down and thought it out but this was amazing to see. Perhaps you are wondering what a “FIRE SALE”  is ? If you happen to google for the term, Wikipedia would say “A fire sale is the sale of goods at extremely discounted prices, typically when the seller faces bankruptcyor other impending distress.” however they are others that term … Read More

Is word of mouth enough?

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Did you know that Word of Mouth Advertising is the best form of Marketing? In most cases it will work very well because you may have done an impressive job or your product had worked amazingly for the client. This process should continue regardless cos there are people who would just buzz for you without asking for commissions. But is this enough … Read More

SixPack Shortcuts Marketing..


The first time I see the advertisement on this program, I thought this was just another shady program to get people to lose weight and develop Six Pack Abs. Seriously is there really a shortcut? Like many people I choose to ignore the ads but two months later I still see the Ads at Youtube. Yes, he bought the premium … Read More

Preparing your audience to buy from you..


Don’t just sell. Seed them, educate them. Its a longer journey and its a longer process but its a more effective process. Seeding is a process that marketeers needs to learn and master. Its not just about selling and selling. Because most of the time people don’t buy the first time round. It requires intensive follow ups and education to … Read More

One technique makes the difference

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Back from Facebook Seminar @ NUS yesterday. Small group and super info. Its wonderful to meet up with Bro Shawal again and new friends Ammar Zahar and Safuan. One Facebook technique that Ammar showed yesterday really make a difference in speeding up a promotion. Glad to be there to learn these techniques. This is related to events promotion, inviting friends … Read More

Have You Looked at Your Marketing Lately? (Here’s Why You Should)


Written by T Harv Eker.. A few months ago I blogged on the importance of marketing in order to nurture and grow a profitable business. (Click here it you missed that post.) Without effective marketing, how will enough people get to know you, your business or your product in order to buy from you in the first place? It’s basic, but … Read More

Name cards…. The Follow up process

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Do you have a stash of namecards lying inside your drawers? Do you go for meetings and meetings and end up getting no deals from the prospective client? Are you just chucking away all that name cards? Well stop doing that!! Stop collecting namecards just to stack it up somewhere you cannot find!!! Why? These are HOT LEADs. It does … Read More

The story of the Upsell and Downsell


Taken from: http://www.ezinemarketingcenter.com/blog/story-sam-the-desert-water-man/ The story below gives us a very clear picture of how these processes gets done, if you can do this tactics for your marketing campaigns, you will definitely see results. ————————————————————————- Don’t you just LOVE listening to stories, ?!Let me tell you one. It’s about Sam, the desert ‘water-man’. A story is a great way to spread a … Read More