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This is the first time I see a customer that is happy about their advertisements even though they were no sales on his end. He was willing to keep testing till it works. I admire his endurance. Only people who have tested advertisements and seen its results will be willing to put more effort. This client had spent hundreds of … Read More

10th March 2014

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Happy Birthday Roses

10th of March 2014.. Another age catches up and I am already 32. Still a long list of targets to achieve. Career and family balance is something to look forward to. Perhaps I’ve gotta to start living life slower.

Happy Holidays

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A long weekend for  everyone. Make sure you drive/ride safe if you are travelling up the peninsula.

2014.. What Do I want..


Alhamdulillah. Another year another fresh beginning. ~ Reflections this morning.. To take care of myself more. I guess in this world we called entrepreneurship, you can end up a slave to the community, we serve and serve yet personal interest haven’t really been taken care of. In my case then. So this 2014, I wanna delegate more, work lesser, pray … Read More

The Last Battle

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For the Men in Green, the word ATEC indicates the coming of end to their duties in peace time but in real war ATEC is just the beginning as its an important event to evaluate whether the troops are ready to fight a real battle. ATEC – Army Training and Evaluation Center is a significant event every Army Battalion needs to … Read More

Content Marketing – Part 1: Develop Contents That People Want To Read…

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Tips on Content Marketing: Developing Contents That People Want To Read… 1st Step: To do so, you must identify your Audience .  Example.  You are selling Bridal Clothes, Your audience will be: 1) Engaged Couples 2) Mother of future Bride 3) Wedding Planners 4) Brides Maid 2nd Step: Choose 1 from above and Brainstorm or Mindmap some topics Question yourself, … Read More

We have a New Training Center

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I’ve been wrong… This thought have never come across my mind for the last few years but after going through many searches for affordable training room and suddenly this offer just pop up. I guess this is perhaps the end of mindless searching for venues to do the training and we can start to do more regular classes also. The … Read More