Want to be the Next VIS Rockstar

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This is a guest post by Suria Mohd So you want to be the next VIS ( Virtual Internet Specialist) Rock Star Working from Home in your Pyjamas? Do you know what separates the Top VIS and the Broke VIS? Top VIS continue to upgrade their knowledge in skills that can help them & their clients be more profitable… Talking … Read More

How do you compete in an environment where competition is tough


This just comes across my mind waking up this morning.. Hence whatever ideas needs to be written down. Firstly I want to bring you back to one my articles – Do you believe that there is no competition in Business? I mention in that article that the competition is actually yourself and how you should learn to collaborate rather than compete.  However … Read More

Be Rebel Thinker


This is a very good read from EzineArticles.  Enjoy it…   What do Ted Turner (CNN), Anita Roddick (The Body Shop), Jeff Bezos (Amazon) and Armani (Armani Fashions) have in common? Aside from being CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, they all have created such mega-success BECAUSE they are business … Mavericks … Revolutionaries … Rebel Thinkers. One such rebel thinker, Anita … Read More