How to date an Entrepreneur


Got this from Eman Lim’s facebook page. Well if you want to live with an entrepreneur this is what you need to know. Because you know that we live a life very differently from the normal people out there. Hence the state of emotion, how we think, how we act are totally different. Hence perhaps this article will give you … Read More

Bye Toshiba Hello HP


Toshiba Satellite A50. Last Thursday, it ended its life due to a power surge as the adapter had some problems. So yeah its a gonner now.. So today finally decided to get a new one. Scour through SIM LIM and found this HP Probook 4411s.

Investment Man


He called me up and said that he wanted to learn how to market his ideas and systems online. So I went to meet him and ask him how I could help him. He used to be very rich once and has been down almost to the point of losing everything before too and had to go around teaching relief … Read More

Understand yourself


I wonder how these questions can form quite an accurate version of your life.. Amazing.. Its the second time I tried this after 2 days… its still the same answer so I’m posting here.. Try out here Your view on yourself: You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you … Read More

$50 on the grabs….


This entrepreneur is going crazy. I have no idea why he’s giving away $50 so easily. Who Am I talking about? Well its Abang Abu of course! He’s trying to get his readers to guess what does S.T.A.R means… So if you want to get $50 and a free lunch/meal by him. Participate in this crazy online competition. Visit … Read More

When you are the BOSS who scolds you?

FadzuliCraze, Interviews

So when you have finally taken the step to start your business and being your own boss. Now you don’t have any naggy bosses to tell you off or scold you anymore if you ever did a mistake. So who scolds you? Well the answer is quite simple…YOUR CUSTOMERS… Maybe perhaps you are growing to fast and you happen to … Read More

How would you feel?


Salams everyone.. Just to get you going with commenting..How would you feel when someone starts smsing asking you.. “Dah makan belum..”, “What kind of girls do you like?”..”Masih sekolah ke atau masih belajar?”…”Still remember me?”.. Ok so now you know what kind of smses I get..If I had a girlfriend or wife…Confirm kena pelampang!! Haha… Ok so how would you … Read More

What if your child is creating something worth millions

FadzuliCraze, Ideas

Forgive me for writing this post as I had promise to write about something else. Have these thoughts come across you that when your children might be creating something worth millions or billions? Are you telling your kids to stop doing what they are doing without realising that you are blocking their creative side. This video in the Big Idea … Read More

The schedule

FadzuliCraze, Old Blog

Wow thanks for the positive votes!! Yup I did sign up for the course, $4,997. Somehow I have a good feeling it will take me to a different level of thoughts and at least be trained in NLP, be a better speaker and allow me to focus better. Furthermore this can help me expand my networks also. That was the … Read More