Glam Shots

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I needed nice photos of myself to put my face out in the papers and for future use. So I engaged my secondary school buddy to take these fantastic shots for me. Fadzuli without specs.. Holding the chin look…macam siapa eh…macam pernah nampak gitu!! Half body look without specs Sitting Down Position Superimposed Library at the back..Ok the back actually … Read More

Glory Glory Man United


Of all people to miss a penalty and he almost became the bad guy to lose the game…Probably some of you are sound asleep while the Champions League Final was being played in Moscow. Yeah I’m talking about Ronaldo here. Well he scored the first goal but missed a penalty again during the shootout. Man United won not because of … Read More

Good Deals!!


* For those interested in Internet Marketing and Business only! Read on.. This is the rare occasions that I will post about products online as I too benefit from Affiliate Income? So what is an affiliate business? Well an affiliate business is when you help to refer others and you earn a commission through a sale on the internet. If … Read More

When the Super Cars Meet


What a view!!! I’ll bet that you won’t be able to see this view ever again especially in Singapore!! Come on 50 over Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porshe, Bently all in one place. There was one particular Ferrari that caught my eye. Most wont fancy it though but its a classic. You know the classics are worth much more than the new … Read More