GYM Kita Week 4


Alright yesterday was my last day training for FREE. So its upper body again. Again I realise I’m still very weak in the upper body.. One Pull Up was hard to do. When we say PULL UP, its the standard one – you cannot move your body, kick, bend your legs or so on. Its just your arms movement.┬áSo Ruzaini … Read More

GYM Kita Week 3

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Gym Kita Week 3. Yesterday 3 new faces joined us this time round. Above is a picture taken after running the 4.2km distance around Bedok Reservoir. Time: Almost 31 minutes. After the run we had to do lower body Strength Training. All we did was squats ( In Malay Pasang Kaki Kuda-Kuda ). We were expected to hold in that … Read More

Gym Kita Training Day 2


Oh boy this is definitely going to take a while to recover. Woke up this Monday morning with arms cram as the lactic acids starts to work on the very long unworkable muscles. Yesterday at GYM KITA with Ruzaini and Geng, we did upper body exercise for that two hours of physical activities. Mainly areas like the shoulders, biceps and … Read More

Finally a Medal!!


After years of attempting to bring back a medal for the Olympics, Singapore has at least secured a silver in one of our best sports – Table Tennis. Congratulations Team Singapore! [poll id=”13″]

12km Run @ East Coast


Today I manage to complete 12km @ East Coast in 1 hour 12 min (Speed: 166 meters/min )….Haha I know its not the usual half-marathon standards. Nevertheless its the improvements that matter..The previous week I took 1 hour and 5 minutes just to clear 8.4km at Bedok Reservoir (Speed: 129 meters/min ). So you see so much difference and i’m … Read More

Running with MPs and I failed


Well its quite hard when you haven’t train for ages for such a strenuous activity. IPPT is yearly thing to me but it requires you to be in good shape to perform. The scores shown above is really a wake up call to get in shape again. My worst station was sit up. I had no idea why it seems … Read More