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This is the first time I see a customer that is happy about their advertisements even though they were no sales on his end. He was willing to keep testing till it works. I admire his endurance. Only people who have tested advertisements and seen its results will be willing to put more effort. This client had spent hundreds of … Read More

Content Marketing – Part 1: Develop Contents That People Want To Read…

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Tips on Content Marketing: Developing Contents That People Want To Read… 1st Step: To do so, you must identify your Audience .  Example.  You are selling Bridal Clothes, Your audience will be: 1) Engaged Couples 2) Mother of future Bride 3) Wedding Planners 4) Brides Maid 2nd Step: Choose 1 from above and Brainstorm or Mindmap some topics Question yourself, … Read More

Brand Mastery Expo

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While I was busy promoting other stuffs, one of the programs that I’ve been promoting has extremely good sign ups. The last I checked for this event, they had 300 plus left, but now only 85 seats remaining.   Time don’t wait for nobody and Opportunities comes to the person who first cease it.   What am I talking about … Read More

Tuesday Consultations

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Free Consultations on Tuesdays for current and former students. Requirements:  1) Book an appointment with me from 10.30am to 6pm – Office Hours only. 1 – 2 hours of consultation only. 2)  Ensure you have your questions ready. What will happen in these sessions. Just like meeting a doctor, one would prescribe you a solution. Hence allow me to examine … Read More

Web Hosting Ajer?

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Web Hosting Ajer? Quote from Zawiah – VIS 3rd Batch It means Web Hosting only? This was quoted by my student during class last week class. Do not think that learning about web hosting was just simply learning about what it is. Every topic we learn we will go into depth on it. This is not just a MAMBO JUMBO … Read More

1000% profit or more

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Is there such a product that can be 1000% profit or more? Let’s look at how a product can actually be sold, talk for you and your friends and be sold to them too and then keeps on being bought over and over and over again. Well I was explaining to Ameera about this earlier. You see the perks of … Read More

Willing your Assets..

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Last Saturday I attended this course on Business Wills Planning. Having no prior knowledge on how Business wills works, so this is very much a new thing to me. However before we go into business wills, we need to know these important terms/subjects first.  1) Faraidh (Wealth Distribution after Death) 2) The Hiba ( The Gift )  3) The Will … Read More

Sorry for the hiatus

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Well its been a few days. I’ve been updating all my other sites except this. In this week alone, I’ve been to KL and back within 24 hours, shot several videos and been to several enlightening talks and meetings. Putting up the new SOLAT 3D page. Trying to squeeze some time do up a Flash animation for OSMS. (Seriously I haven’t … Read More

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25

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back from KL # good morning singapore.. will be working from home today! # @jamievaron very interesting site. thanks for the Link in reply to jamievaron # getting weird smses lately. Found out that someone is misusing my phone no and publishing in weird sites also.. # Only when you travel do you see how vast the world is and … Read More