Reservist: Week 2

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Week 2 of reservist just ended with tons of things to do and prepare. The last week was all about re-familiarising with the weapons for the soldiers, Urban Fighting drills and Urban Live Firing. Coordination, Coordination, Coordination. This was a key role for Specialists & Officers. We can have people fighting on the ground but without proper coordination things can … Read More

Back in Green

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Its time of the year, where every Singaporean son must go back in Green to serve the country for at least 1 week to 4 weeks. This year is coined to be the “High Key” period for the Batallion ( 733 SIR) that I am in and it will be a very hectic 3 weeks – 1 week for commanders … Read More

I want my daughter back!

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These was the words uttered by a distraught man I met yesterday in the streets. He said, “I want my daughter back!” It was really a strange encounter but within that many short minutes, many things could be learn. This man by the name of “Peer Mohamed” was walking around Tampines yesterday. I was on the way to the MRT … Read More

Selamat Hari Raya

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I would like to wish all my readers, students and fans “Selamat Hari Raya Aidifitri. May this Syawal brings new hope and glimpse to a new better future and be happy with family always. May Allah swt grant all of us happiness and with his continuous blessings. I would like to also take this chance to seek forgiveness if there … Read More

Ramadan Day 1

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Day 1 Ramadan. 5) Charity: $30 to Masjid Al Falah. $20 to Masjid Salleh ( Habib Noh ) 4) Yes, help mum siapkan table yesterday. 3) Doas – after sending Maher Zain nya CD to a client at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. His father is in there due to a heart attack. This doa goes to him.. In the name of Allah … Read More

The Wisdom Tooth

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Everybody will one day have to go through this process.. No wonder Dentists makes loads of money eh? The pain before extraction is already unbearable as we will face sleepless nights? And by the time you extracted it out, yes it will take another few sleepless nites too due to the surgical procedure. Anyways I don’t mean to scare you … Read More

When small-business owners think BIG – Timeless Lessons from Sir Richard Branson

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Saw this post at Kak Suria’s Facebook note and thought that I share it with you.. In the last post I shared with you about Co-Sponsoring. So how timely it is that this article.. RICHARD BRANSON: When small-business owners think big (Extractd from Question: How can a small-business owner go about laying the foundation for a corporate culture like Virgin’s? … Read More

Ouch.. Reality Bites..

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Peace be upon you, Recently someone posted this question on Commentary section in the Free Lessons. Question Salam, I use to share all the things u send to us but yet i don’t know whether i didn’t do it well bcos i can’t see anything in my pay pal account. I just want to know maybe i didn’t get it … Read More

JB & Fines

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This is a nagging post. So bear with me… Two weeks ago, I had a parking ticket in JB because I didn’t placed a coupon for parking at that spot for 40 mins. Anyways yesterday I went back in yesterday just to settle the fine. Firstly I had no idea where is Jalan Dato Onn! So we ( family ikut … Read More

Can you sell ice to Eskimos?

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That is probably a phrase that you hear time and time again by speakers, coaches and a lot more. If you analyze it how do you actually sell ice back to Eskimos. Firstly they have Abundance of Ice around them. Too much I would say.. 🙂 Secondly they are already in a cold country, their food and drinks freezes at … Read More