Stuff today – Warna Interview & Budget Discussions

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So today is the start of the weekly broadcast of the Interview done at Warna 2 weeks ago. Today I will be answering these questions.    1. Saya seorang ibu suri berusia 50 tahun sering kali melihat anak anak saya membuka lelaman facebook , friendster, myspace dan membicangkan dengan  kawan kawannya. Apakah yang dimaksud dengan ketiga hal itu dan kebetulan … Read More

2nd day in Kedah

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After breakfast that morning, we set off to Alor Star to visit the shopping centers there and visit my cousin’s in laws. An hour drive from Sungai Petani to Alor Star.. Being Singaporeans we are used to the short distances but in Malaysia to get one from one place to another may take hours.  1st stop the Alor Star Market… … Read More

Congratulations Qis Petals….


From a client to a friend. You will just love doing business with such people.  Yesterday Fadzrun and I had the opportunity to witness our friend Emmi open their Flower Shop. It started out at 5pm with “Bacaan Yaasin” led by Ustaz Yusri from Al Falah Mosque and graced by Emmi’s Family and friends up to 8pm. Yup its a … Read More

What matters most..

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What matters, is to have faith. What matters, is to try and never give up. What matters, is patience. What matters, is creativity – Not necessarily thinking ahead of the pack, but what the pack sometimes leaves behind. What matters, is not that you are intelligent, but someone helped you, and someone helped you. I got this quote from my … Read More

The first day of Ramadan


[youtube: 500 400] Legacy a video done up by MediaChantek. It reminds me of my first day…Enjoy!!

Lesson learnt from the Lord of the Rings.


Do you remember this eye? If you are fan of the lord of the rings. There was this part where the good guys attacked the darklands to distract the attention of Sauron’s EYE to allow Frodo to reach the Fire Mountain easily. Have you wondered what if the eye wasn’t distracted? Would the outcome be different? Would Frodo be killed … Read More

The challenging ideas

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Yesterday I met an old friend whom I eventually promote the recent Musollah application to. Well being who he is, he said, ” Musollah Listings Ajer? Is there bus or nearest food listings ke?”. Wah I see their expectations eh macam banyak gitu but it also gives us the idea to create something better. Probably in our Musollah App version … Read More

Another successful Niche Blog


Here’s another blog that’s can be considered quite successful. With over 200,000 visitors per month and a steady income flow of $2,000 USD per month. Visit Mark Guim the owner of the blog started writing in 2006 and today he is recognised by Nokia which gave him free trips to Finland, Barcelona and Los Angeles. So are you starting … Read More

the 4 wives


Found this article in FaceBook.. Once upon a time there was a rich King who had four wives. He loved the 4th wife the most and adorned her with rich robes and treated her to the finest of delicacies. He gave her nothing but the best. He also loved the 3rd wife very much and was always showing her off … Read More

Billionaire Steps Down


You may have heard about this!! One of the heroes of the IT World steps down and focus on Charity Work. Check out the video [youtube: 400 350] Read more here.. Here’s a video I found about Bill Gates giving a speech at Harvard. [youtube: 400 350]