The Walk In Customer & The Tailor



I was looking for a tailor to make my suits last Sunday. As I happen to be Peninsula Plaza with the Ahemm cos she wanted to some sizing and alterations. I saw this tailor shop at the basement level. Looks old and rustic. An old man and old lady was in the shop. From where I stood, I saw many … Read More

Look At Ourselves First

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Look at ourselves first in the mirror before talking about others. No wonder our hearts are filled with evil thoughts all the time cos we forget that we are no better than the person we talked about.

The First Step..

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The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. Imagine you trying to get to Bedok from Tampines. ┬áNow if you dont make a decision you will just be where you are for the next one hour. Its true that we have to set things in our mind and it … Read More