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How many new Malay Start Ups get a chance to be competiting with the Main Stream Market? If they are, they are usually unheard of… My Biz Partner Fazli started another site with his friend Shariff to start this T-Shirt Printing Business and they manage to be top 10 finalist in the this Ultimate Start-Up Space Competition. Now they are … Read More

Latest Product >> SMS Prayer Time


What you may not know that this geek has been putting his Programming Hats recently. And within 5 weeks finally this program is launched? What is it? Well its a simple SMS Prayer Time program. If you signed up for this, you will receive a SMS every morning from 5am to 5.30 am for all the 5 prayer times, including … Read More

I have no idea how people find me…


Ok that’s not entirely true. The easiest way to find me is of course to type my name on any Search Engine. Sure no 1 already. Seriously try it on Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc. But how many people in the world actually finds me or type my name on the Search Engines. Maybe if you heard of my name, you … Read More

Islam Women & Wealth

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Usually I would not put such events here at as its its always been for But its ok, since I design the site this time round, so here’s a feature of it.. 🙂

The Boss said “GO”


My students were surprised that this came earlier than planned. Yes the Boss ( Sujimy Mohamad ) gave the call to launch the site just a few days before Hari Raya Haji because he wanted to create some sparks of conversations during this period where people gather. Yes it is the time of the year again where Muslims will celebrate … Read More

Ebook site in development

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Peace be upon you, Since our Mentor, Sujimy Mohd had already made teasers on his blog about his book being transformed to ebook. Allow me to buzzz too. This is one of the projects I am embarking now. The site will be ready insyallah in two weeks time. Or it might even be earlier. If you are interested to promote … Read More

Malabar Mosque New Site

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We were called up to help the Malabar Staff to revamped their site.. Yes its ready for viewing now. Thank you to all the parties for rendering your services to make this site developed in the shortest time. Created in 1.5 weeks. 1) Secretary of Malabar Mosque – Bro Nasim For allowing us this opportunity to come in to develop … Read More