Malabar Mosque New Site

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We were called up to help the Malabar Staff to revamped their site.. Yes its ready for viewing now. Thank you to all the parties for rendering your services to make this site developed in the shortest time. Created in 1.5 weeks. 1) Secretary of Malabar Mosque – Bro Nasim For allowing us this opportunity to come in to develop … Read More

Your WordPress site Attacked by Malware & Trojan Horses?


Are you running a wordpress website? Have you been infected by a Malware/Virus lately? Well how does it look like? People cannot come to your website, it keeps popping up every time they log in to your site and redirected to some funny site. Your site has definitely been infected. Here’s my experience. Apparently I bumped into one of my … Read More

ERP Fine No More


Do you own a vehicle in Singapore? Have you been fined by the Electronic Road Pricing ( ERP ) in Singapore before? Well if you do, here’s a way to prevent that from happening! LTA recently announced a new service which deduct the payments to your Credit Card. Why this would solve my problem? For a biker like me, we … Read More