What Happen.. Where are the updates?

FadzuliThe US Trip.

At this moment while typing this post out, I am at the Los Angeles Airport in the transit are waiting for the plan to Japan, Narita Airport. You may be wondering what happen to the posts after the last. Like any campaign I ran before, I just lost steam. Perhaps it could be more of a team effort in the … Read More

Arizona Scottsdale, the Mayor, Entrepreneurs, Sky Song

FadzuliThe US Trip.

The day started early and the good thing about this Hotel/Resort is that breakfast is Buffet Style. Its easier for us Muslims to choose our food and breakfast starts at 6am. The day started quite early where the delegates are gathered at the hotel lobby at 7am. The city we are in is very nice and the city is very … Read More

Arizona Phoenix.. Here we Go..

FadzuliThe US Trip.

We are all ready packed and to go to the next destination. All the delegates gathered at the lobby of the hotel around 11am. We checked out and had to slowly weigh our bags before we pass to the bellmans to load up to the buses. We could not exceed 22.5kg as per person as flight requirement. The spilt gatorade.. … Read More

The White House & EO – Day 5

adminThe US Trip.

Above is an image taken from the Brochures of the White House. We are not able to take any photos in the White House so perhaps this the best that I can show you. Well we didn’t get to meet the President as like others we were just tourists. I’ve been talking to some of the officers in our group … Read More

Accelerator and the Conference – Day 4

FadzuliThe US Trip.

The first series of seminars starts today under this Program called Accelerator.  This is first of a 4 part series of seminars. Each seminar will be conducted in the different cities with different speakers and different topics. Topics being covered: Strategy, Sales, People & Money In Washington we covered Startegy: Values, Vision & Mission This topic is basic but important. … Read More

The Day Begins..

FadzuliThe US Trip.

This is the first official working day for this trip.. All the delegates are gathered early at by 7.45am to take the bus to head out the State Dept office. State Dept is the US Government Body that initiated and organised this event. All of us are seated according to the Alphabetical order of our Countries. Starting from Afghanistan from … Read More

A History of USA – Day 1

FadzuliThe US Trip.

What would you do in Washington? Well an obvious answer is actually to know a little bit about the History of USA. Not much but a bit… So the first day here in USA, we had a little tour where we visited the outside of the White House, President Franklin Roosevel Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Memorial and Martin Luther King memorial. … Read More

The Journey Begins – Day 0 (24th September)

FadzuliThe US Trip.

Flight at 6.05am. As usual before we go for any travels, I tend to get my stuff at the last minute. In the evening before flight, I was still collecting/borrowing video cameras and rushing to Mustafa Center to get the missing items. Well all that settled now.. Mum & Dad sent me over to the Singapore Airport at around 3am the … Read More

Wakili negara ke program usahawan AS

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Extracted from Cyberita Undangan beri peluang perluas rangkaian dengan peniaga muda serata dunia Oleh Nur’ Adilah Mahbob SEORANG usahawan setempat, Encik Fadzuli Wahab, telah diundang pemerintah Amerika Syarikat untuk mewakili Singapura dalam sebuah program keusahawanan di negara tersebut. Semasa di sana, Encik Fadzuli, 29 tahun, berpeluang berkongsi pengalaman, membina rangkaian bersama usahawan muda dari serata dunia, serta bertemu ahli perniagaan, … Read More

Schedule of US Trip and more..

FadzuliThe US Trip.

Today I receive an udpate.. Thought that you would want to follow the program. –       25  September – 29 September 2011- Washington, DC –       29 September – 4 October 2011 – Phoenix, Arizona –       4 October – 9 October 2011 – San Francisco, California –       9 October – 15 October 2011 – New York, New York In each of the four cities, we will … Read More