Day 2 – Words That Kill Workshop

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  Ahh so its day 2 now. Day 1 touches on the Human Aspects of Copywriting such as how to identify your “Perfect Client”. When you are able to do that, then you begin to put words and phrases into action. I am going to throw in the Scrapy Notes. The notes are for those that attended this workshop – … Read More

Words That Kill Was Awesome

FadzuliWords That Kill

Have you been following my Facebook Page? No? I think you are missing a lot. So if you do have a facebook account, do like my page alright >> Here it is As the titled says it, it was an Awesome two day workshop. Although we had very little time cos of the timings. Perhaps we will do a 3 … Read More

This is Video Copywriting at Work!

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If I could have another trainer, I still would choose Saiful.. Why? Look at this video he did for his Maths Program.. If you are not sold.. I don’t know what to say.. So turn off the song on the right of this website, turn on the volume, play the video below and listen to Saiful… The magic of using … Read More

Another copywriting piece… Are you in debt?

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I have a chance to change a draft made by Zue & Kamal – Weekly Traffic Clients   Hi, Are your debts ruining your life right now? Is your family affected by your debts? Are you disappointing your family? Are you gambling their money away? Are you going to continue disappointing them over and over again? ….. I can continue … Read More

Copywriting for Wardah…

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There was once a time where one of the attendees of Words that Kill 2010 – Warda Shariff came to me. Fadzuli I am stuck and my marketing is not working. So I asked her.. What’s wrong? Well her answer was simple, she cannot figure out how to use the words that she learned in Copywriting Workshop. Now here’s the … Read More

Selling to People What They Want with Words

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Saiful and I had taken shots and videos at Orchard Road last week for promotional materials for Words That Kill. The first of video is released today.. Watch it below. What have you learn from this video? Do share and comment at the bottom. Invite yourself in to Words That Kill Workshop. Details here.

Use Words To Love

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    Loving parents love their children with actions such as hugs and kisses, and provision of food, clothing, and shelter. Parents also love their kids when they speak truth to them, including teaching, correcting, and an occasional rebuke. Such love requires words. In like manner, it is not enough for us to love people with our works of compassion … Read More

Will You Marry Me…

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The magic words in our life right? There will be a point of time, that Men will be saying this words to their future wives. But before we go about doing that, wouldn’t you want to get to know the person that you are marrying? In Sales it is similar, many who doesn’t understand this concept just bombard and bombard … Read More

Trigger That Thought Trigger That Emotion

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  The typical person may not realised this because their emotions may cloud them however when we analyze it in a scientifically, we begin to realise that there is a formula behind this psychological process. Remember there is always a pattern in sales, hence if one needs to formulate a plan, they need to know what Thoughts are being Triggered … Read More

Master the Mind Master the Words

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  One of the very important lessons that we need to learn in life is to Master our minds. Our minds ┬ámakes the decisions in our life and it is our minds that determine whether we can succeed or not. When the mind is weak, very often we will falter when the odds are against you. So it is important … Read More