Magic Touch 101 – The Beginners Course on Photoshop



Ever wondered how someone can just come out with brilliant images and make you excited!

Wish you could design things, images and graphics that you always intend to?

Example. Your Business Cards, Posters, Flyers, Folders and such?


How about Facebook Timeline Covers?

With these skills it is up to your imagination what you can use it for.

This is a hands-on and fun filled 10 hour course that will enable you to use the tools in Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 to design beautiful graphics. Upon completion of this Photoshop course, you will have a good understanding and foundation of the essential principles and concepts of Photoshop CS5/CS6 in handling photos.

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

Course Content

Photoshop’s Environment

  • Pixel & image
  • Photoshop Environment Elements
  • Navigating in Photoshop

Sizing Images

  • Image Size and Resolution
  • Cropping

Selecting Image Areas

  • The Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
  • The Lasso Tools
  • The Magic Wand Tool
  • The Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Modifying Selections

Using Layers

  • Masking
  • Undoing Previous Steps
  • Copying Selections
  • Creating Layers
  • Transforming Layers
  • Arranging Layers
  • Saving Images in Photoshop Format

Blending and Compositing

  • Opacity and Blending Modes
  • Feathering Edges

Image Modes

  • Mode Characteristics
  • Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
  • Color Modes

Color and Painting

  • Selecting Colors
  • Painting Tools
  • The Clone Stamp Tool

Practical Project Text, Layer Effects, and Filters

  • Type Layers
  • Layer Effects
  • Filters
  • Merging and Flattening Layers

Adjusting Images

  • Brightness/Contrast
  • Levels Adjustment Layers
  • Toning Tools
  • Hue/Saturation

and more..


There will be several assignments to bring back to allow students to refresh what they have learned during each class.
Notes are provided.

Trainer – Noor Hairolz Sinan

Bro Noor Hairolz Sinan is the owner of Rolz, a wedding photographer by profession. He also owns his own studio and he is very much in love with designing. A qualified and certified Adobe Photoshop Instructor, he has also done similar workshops through out the years.

Photoshop is about having fun. It can be technical at the start but once you start moving those brushes and make a ugly picture into a swan, you will love it.

You can find his works on his Facebook Account –

Course Details

Duration: 10 Hours. 5 Sessions of 2 hours each.
Each student will also be given an extra 2 hours One on One revision session after completion of course with Fadzuli Wahab.

Starts on 31 October 2012, Conducted. Every Wednesday evenings.

Timing: 7.45pm to 9.45pm

Training Venue: 45 Bussorah Street, Level 2, Singapore 199463

Course Fees: $350.00 per pax.

Full Payment or Installment of 2 payments can be made. $175 before course starts and balace within 3rd week.

Payment can be made with Cash / Nets / Debit or Credit via Paypal

To sign up, please contact Fadzuli @ 9452 0491.

Limited to 15 pax per class.

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Q & A

Question: Is there a One or Two days Photoshop Course for this?

Answer: Here at, we would like students to learn at their own pace and to be given enough time to practice and develop these skills taught by the trainers. For this course its not advisable to have it in one or two days.

** When we have more common questions we will post it here.