Do you believe that there is no competition in Business?

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Many a times, we always end up thinking that we are competing with another friend another company another country another…another…

Why is this so?

Again its because we have been place in a system which makes us think so. In truth the REAL competition is YOURSELF.

There’s an abundance of opportunities out there. There are places that some people just cannot access because of many reasons.

For example. Recently I’ve gotten a Non Muslim who tries to ask my company to promote an Electronic Device that helps to read the Quran. You see without understanding or knowing what is the Quran and understanding the Islamic Market, he has no business at all. 

The only way that he can penetrate into the market is through another Muslim who understands the products and understand the market to serve it to the Muslim market. 

Another example is as such..

I may know only so and so and when I advertise or promote my services, I can only reach a certain number of people who are within my network. Beyond that I need you to help me get there.

So you see. I have several designers and programmers in my network and hardly i see myself competiting with each other because we end up sharing the jobs. How much can one man or one company take. You see there are limitations. When one is full to the brim, you need to refer over to another company who can do the same work else you will lose the opportunity.

How do you gain? Sometimes you pass the jobs over without asking for any price but most of the time we should ask for a cut because without YOU, there is no Business for the other party. Get it? And when you do this DONT be Greedy! Take a reasonable cut perhaps 5% to 10% and empower your partnering companies


What I’m really sad is that there are too many greedy entrepreneurs out there who really do not understand how to do business and how to share. They believe in the SURVIVAL of the FITTEST. If you believe in such nonsense, people will bound to hate you. You may not realise it now but someday when you are rich, people will remember how you become rich in a negative manner. Usually such businesses  have a very low life span. Perhaps 5 to 10 years Max.  


The TRUE competition is within yourself… If you believe you have grown smarter and are much maturer than a year ago and compared to last time you have more knowledge and you have more friends. Isn’t that growth. Even if you fail but you learn am I right? That is what you need to learn from and grow from. As long there is growth and you keep exploring and learning new things, you will eventually get to your destination.

So go out there take the challenges and always tell yourself to be BETTER and DO IT!