Is it really a mistake?

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This post is a reply to my good friend Saiful‘s post. Just like the other many online friends I’ve had, I’ve never meet him before. Only through their blogs and MSN conversations. His blogs and coaching programs are about Laws of Attraction. Feel free to drop by

“Ada hikmahnya sebalik masalah yang kita alami” – There’s a better outcome that will appear from the troubles you are facing now.

Bro Saiful mention that there was a reason behind the tendon injury that he faced. It allowed him to slow down and think about his future. This is where he had the time to start his blog and eventually found his niche to develop his own coaching programs. Alhamdullilah, his online Motivational Programmes are doing very well now and he has recently made 4 figures or perhaps more from what he is doing.

Just like Abang Abu’s story, these guys went throught quite a suffering period before they got their act together and really moved forward with their lives but do we need an accident or injuries to tell us that we need to start changing and shifting our paradigms. It would help of course.

I hate the idea that people ask me did I regret dropping out from NUS. To be honest…NO because I was suffering quite a lot when I was in there. Its better to be out here running my businesses which I enjoy more than being in there forcing myself to get good grades. I’m not saying that you have to drop out like me but the question was it a mistake for me?

Nope. Being in NUS allowed me to network with one of the best league of friends that i have. Friends that encourage each other to pursue what they really want and today a few of them are my partners. Bro Hafihz is one of them and we currently working out some programmes together.

Anyway Bro Saiful’s post about Life’s whisper is a great read and I would recommend it to you.. Check out his coaching programme too. Click here to visit his site..