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Here’s a good article by Bro Hafihz.

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Notice how I used the term ‘people’ and not customers. Because aside from correcting your product image, the following can also be used to analyze and correct your own personal branding.

The word is Perception – What is perceived of you and your product. Why should the stuff that others think about you and your product matter? Should you really be too concerned about the negative chatter? As long as you know you’re alright, nothing else should matter right?

That can be true. However, it matters a whole lot when the people whom you are trying to target, whom you would want to associate with, perceive you and your product in a way which hurts your initial branding ideas. It’s a bitter pill to swallow – realizing suddenly that you might have been caught in your own bubble, thinking that you were alright…

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Bro Hafihz has a BA in Marketing. He’s among the few Malays that was accepted to NUS Business School and who have passion in Islam & Marketing.