Smart Seminar Day 2 Part 2

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Another half a day of enriching content. The last article we talk about Donna Fox and, Stuart and Simon Leung’s programs. So today I’ll be sharing on two more talks.

Lee & Robin Collins.

They are a really cute couple and I think they are the most happening Speakers then. They are always laughing and having fun. You know when you see people excited about something, you too become excited and that is how we need to run our businesses in Singapore. Come on, let’s make Business a FUN thing to do yah.

Ok back to topic. Lee and Robin specializes in Hybrid Marketing. Hybrid Marketing is a combination of ONLINE and OFFLINE business. To think of it I’ve been doing that all this while. Most of my business comes from OFFLINE sales but they had very good valid points ..

So their story was Lee ( the husband ), was messing and exploring with Internet Marketing materials and he end up spending like USD $50,000 worth of e-books resources and stuff. Everytime they do that, they are taking away their children funds, their own pocket money and so on. So Lee needed to change.

5 SECRET KEYWORDS – I want to make MONEY

Picture on the left is taken from
I don’t have a picture or video of them. 🙁

From the moment you start a business, your objective should be clear. YOU MUST WANT TO MAKE MONEY. I don’t think you want to go into a business that does not make money right? So here comes the next point.

Lee went into niches that he taught people would love to do but in his efforts just like many of us, they failed in their attempts to even break even with those niches. So the real mistake is that they or we never thought about how the CONSUMER would think. Is the product in demand in the first place?

So first lesson today.. 

When you are starting a business, find a RABID market.  Its not RABIT yah its RABID – meaning there’s already demand for the services or product that you have. So their advice is to find a market that is in demand and make money from it. You will soon learn to love what we are doing and the passion builds up from there. in fact, they said they grew into the business and became passionate about what they are selling. How cool is that?

So for those who still have no idea what business to do. My suggestion is to go out there and explore and try it out and do it. Salleh Marican from Golden Chance Singapore says this, “YOU HAVE TO LIVE IN THE JUNGLE TO KNOW WHAT THE JUNGLE IS LIKE”

You can read the article here => We need to live in the Jungle!!


Sometimes we focus too much on online income, we end forgetting that we can actually earn income off line. To tell you the truth, the FORMULA to a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS are very generic and can be implemented over and over again ONLINE and OFFLINE. There’s no secret to it.

This is the FRAMEWORK that I can tell you now. A SECRET which is not a SECRET


Sounds simple? It is actually that simple. 🙂

So drop by Lee & Robin Collins website or blog. Robin was nice enough to follow me on TWITTER. :). Its really a great pleasure to see Millionaire friends following you.

The other speaker – Making things easy

To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention to this speaker cos I can’t remember his name. We are all HUMAN, we can’t be awake all the time..hehehe.

So I’ll just summarise what he said. Go and Solve PEOPLE’s problem and make it easy for them. You want to be rich? Go and help people, the more people people you help, the richer you get. That is why the OUTSOURCING industry is so rampant now. 

A lot of business with small niches are thriving because they can provide solutions that many others cannot do. So to make your life easier OUTSOURCE.

Don’t know how to create a website – Outsource to a web designer or if you want more complex websites, you can find people like me who are infact WEB DEVELOPERs, some call us WEB ARCHITECTs.  

Can’t write an article for nuts – outsource to a writer..

and the list goes on.. Get my GIST?


Video of Michael Koenig and TRAFFIC GUYSER

My online video domination have started just by this guy introducing me to this service. I guess its the right time man and I have tons of videos to put up.  I saw this advertisements months back and perhaps I wasn’t ready to use it back then. ( We’ll talk about this soon… )

[youtube: 500 350]

I have uploaded over 15 videos the last two days and imagine it being distributed over 50 sites with just a press of a button. I can tell you this, it makes a lot of difference in MARKETING man! Even though the setup is quite tedious but that is only one time WORK. The rest is easy.

If you want to know more about the TRAFFIC GEYSER SYSTEM and purchase for your own MARKETING stuff, CHECK IT OUT HERE.

So imagine again 15 x 50 sites = 750 backlinks within two days and I took like 6 months to get over 300 backlinks from multiply, facebook and so on. Wow TWO days. So for those who are really considering to market intensively and wants to get your PAGE RANKING HIGH in Google.

Want proof. Google for EWEN CHIA SMART SEMINAR – You can see tons of the links on the first page.

I even have a testimonial from the last post cos Daniel realised it too. 🙂

Hey Fadzuli,   

Seems like TrafficGeyser is working well for you.

I see many of your links when googling for the smart seminar. ;-)

I think people from the seminar will remember you as the “soap guy”. lol

By the way, I’m compiling what was shared during the seminar on my blog, so do take a look if you’re keen.


From Daniel also created a comprehensive explaination on what Mike Koenigs did. So check his blog. 🙂

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